Nose anatomy

this is a longitudinal section in the nasal cavity showing its medial wall
1. frontal sinus
2. superior turbinate
3. middle turbinate
4. inferior turbinate
5. vestibule
6. hard palate
7. soft palate
8. uvula
9. opening of auditory tube
10. pharyngeal tonsil
11. choana
12. sella turcica
13. sphenoid sinus
14. ceribriform palate of ethmoid bone

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Comments On Nose anatomy

to be best

good picture but we need to have high res picture frome real body .tanks

Poseted By: amin soltani | 18/2/2014

wonderful illustration

This nasal cavity illustration has helped me so much to understand the anatomy of the nasal cavity. Thank you

Poseted By: Med. Student | 17/7/2011

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