Brain anatomy

another lateral diagram for the sulci and gyri of the cerebrum
1. lateral sulcus
2. inferior temporal sulcus
3. superior temporal sulcus
4. inferior frontal sulcus
5. superior frontal sulcus
6. precentral sulcus
7. central sulcus
8. postcentral sulcus
9. intraparietal sulcus

1. inferior temporal gyrus
2. middle temporal gyrus
3. superior temporal gyrus
4. orbital gyrus
5. inferior frontal gyrus
6. middle frontal gyrus
7. superior frontal gyrus
8. precentral gyrus
9. postcentral gyrus
10. superior parietal lobule
11. inferior parietal lobule
12. supramarginal gyrus
13. angular gyrus
14. occipital gyrus

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