Brain anatomy

an inferior view of the brain with details on the different parts and areas on it
1. rectus gyrus
2. olfactory sulcus
3. orbital gyri
4. optic nerve
5. optic chiasma
6. optic tract
7. infundibulum
8. mammillary body
9. posterior perforated substance
10. occulomotor nerve
11. basal nuclei
12. red nucleus
13. parietal gray matter
14. cerebral aqueduct
15. pineal body
16. corpus callosum
17. olfactory bulb
18. olfactory tract
19. lateral olfactory stria
20. anterior perforated substance
21. rhinal sulcus
22. uncus
23. parahippocampal gyrus
24. collateral sulcus
25. occipital gyrus
26. inferiotr temporal gyrus
27. substania negra
28. occipital gyrus

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