Bones and ligaments of the FEMALE Pelvis

this image shows the posterior "back" view of the female pelvic brim (the bones and ligaments that forms the pelvic region in the female)

1. supraspinous ligament
2. posterior sacroiliac ligament
3. sacrotuberous ligament
4. falciform process
5. superficial dorsal sacrococcygeal ligament
6. arcuate pubic ligament
7. sacrospinous ligament
8. greater trochanter
9. arcuate capsule of the joint
10. deep dorsal sacrococcygeal ligament
11. dorsal sacroiliac ligament
12. interosseous sacroiliac ligament
13. posterior sacroiliac ligament
14. iliolumbar ligament

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what if Articular capsule of the hip joint fractured or break? is there anything else we can do?