Nerves of the lower limb anatomy

this image shows the cutaneous nerve supply of the lower limb ( the nerves that supply the skin of the lower limb) "from posterior view"

1. dorsal rami of (L1-L2-L3)
2. dorsal rami of (S1-S2-S3)
3. lateral cutaneous branch of iliohypogastric nerve
4. lateral femoral cutaneous nerve
5. branches of posterior femoral cutaneous nerve
6. perforating cutaneous nerve
7. lateral femoral nerve
8. cutaneous branches of obturator nerve
9. medial femoral cutaneous nerve
10. end branches of posterior femoral cutaneous nerve
11. saphinous nerve
12. medial sural cutaneous nerve (from tibial nerve)
13. branch of saphenous nerve
14. medial calcanean branches of tibial nerve
15. dorsal lateral cutaneous nerve of foot (termination of sural nerve)
16. lateral planter nerve
17. medial planter nerve

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