Lower limb anatomy

this image shows the lower limb anatomy from medial view showing the muscles, nerves , arteries and veins of the lower limb

4. vastus lateralis muscle
6. peroneus longus muscle
24. adductor magnus muscle
26. semimembranosus muscle
27. tibial nerve
28. popliteal vein
29. popliteal artery
32. calcaneal tuberosity
33. short head of biceps femoris muscle
41. gluteus medius muscle
42. prifiorm muscle
43. gemellus superior muscle
44. obturator internus muscle
45. gemellus inferior muscle
46. popliteus muscle
47. tibialis posterior artery
48. flexor hallucis longus
49. fibular artery
50. plantaris muscle
51. common fibular nerve
52. sciatic nerve
53.quadratus femoris muscle

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