Lower limb anatomy

this image shows the lower limb anatomy from anterior view showing the muscles , arteries a, veins and nerves

1. tensor fascia lata
2. iliotibial tract
3. rectus femoeis muscle
4. vastus lateralis muscle
5. patella bone
6. peroneus longus muscle
7. tibialis anterior muscle
8. extensor digitorum longus muscle
9. lateral malleolus
10. inferior extensor retinaculum
11. superior extensor retinaculum
12. flexor digitorum longus muscle
13. tibia bone
14. soleus muscle
15. medial head of gastrocnemius muscle
16. tendon of sartorius muscle
17. vastus medialis muscle
18. sartorius muscle
19. adductor longus muscle
20. femoral vein
21. femoral aretry
22. femoral nerve

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