Lower limb anatomy

this image shows the anatomy of the foot from inferior view displaying mainly the muscles and tendons of the foot in relation to each other

65. cruciform part of fibrous tendon sheaths
66. annular part of fibrous tendon sheaths
67. superficial transverse matacarpal ligament
68. tendon of flexor digitorum brevis muscle
69. tendon of flexor digitorum longus muscle
70. flexor digiti minimi brevis muscle of the foot
71. abductor digiti minimi muscle of the foot
72. flexor digitorum brevis muscle
73. calcaneal tuberosity
74. plantar aponeurosis
75. abductor hallucis muscle
76. tendon of flexor hallucis longus muscle
77. flexor hallucis brevis muscle
78. lumbrical muscle of the foot

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