Lower limb anatomy

this image shows a horizontal section in the lower limb at the leel of the knee joint just under the femur bone displaying the muscles ,nerves , veins and arteries in relation to each other

2. adipose body of patella
3. medial patellar tendon
5. anterior cruciate ligament
8. sartorius muscle
10. tendon of gracilis muscle
11. posterior cruciate ligament
12. tendon of semitendinosus muscle
13. tendon of semimembranosus muscle
14. popliteal artery
15. popliteal vein
16. tibial artery
20. long head of biceps femoris muscle
21. tendon of popliteal muscle
22. short head of biceps femoris muscle
23. subpopliteal recess
24. lateral patellar retinaculum
25. medial head of gastrocnemius muscle
26. medial condyle of the femur
27. femur bone
28. patellar surface of femur
29. deep infrapatellar bursa
30. infra patellar synovial fold
31. patellar ligament
32. common fibular nerve
33. lateral condyle of femur
79. plantaris muscle

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