Axilla anatomy

this image shows the anatomy of the axillary region ( the most upper part of the upper limb) "the arm pet" displaying the different muscles and arteries of that region
and displaying what is called the brachial plexus of nerves (the plaxus of nerves that innervate the arm)

1. medial pectoral nerve
2. cephalic vein
3. thoracoacromial trunk (artery)
4. pectoral branch of thoracoacromial artery
5. deltoid branch of thoracoacromial artery
6. acromial branch of thoracoacromial artery
7. clavicular branch of thoracoacromial artery
8. lateral pectoral nerve
9. lateral cord (nerve)
10. medial cord (nerve)
11. axillary artery
12. muscular branch of axillary artery
13. ulnar nerve
14. median nerve
15. lateral thoracic artery
16. long thoracic nerve
17. pectoralis minor muscle
18. pectoralis major muscle
19. subscapular muscle
20. latissimus dorsi muscle
21. deltoid muscle
22. musculocutaneous nerve
23. communicating branch (nerve)
24. coracobrachialis muscle
25. brachial artery
26. median nerve
27. ulnar nerve
28. long head of biceps brachii muscle
29. short head of biceps brachii muscle
30. biceps brachii muscle
31. triceps muscle

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