Humerus bone

this image shows the humerus bone (the bone of the arm " links the shoulder to the elbow joint") from anterior and posterior view

1. greater tubercle
2. head of the humerus
3. anatomical neck
4. surgical neck
5. lesser tubercle
6. intertubercular groove
7. deltoid tuberosity
8. coronoid fossa
9. trochlea of the humerus
10. capitulum of the humerus
11. medial epicondyle
12. lateral epicondyle
13. olecranon fossa

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Itis well labled only that the size of the leters are small otherwise the bone is very clear and i like it


This photo doesn't say which arm this humerus bone comes from. I'm sure I can figure it out, just have to go somewhere else for that info. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------- You need Three directions on any bone to know its side in humerus for example: 1. the head is medial./ Greater tuberosity lateral. 2. the head / greater tuberosity is superior. 3. the olecranon fossa is posterior./ coronoid fossa is anterior.

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