Respiratory system

The Respiratory System - Glossary

Bronchi: The two main air passages into the lungs.

Diaphragm: The main muscle used for breathing; separates the chest cavity from the abdominal cavity.

Epiglottis: A flap of cartilage that prevents food from entering the trachea (or windpipe).

Esophagus: The tube through which food passes from the mouth down into the stomach.

Heart: The muscular organ that pumps blood throughout the body.

Intercostal muscles: Thin sheets of muscle between each rib that expand (when air is inhaled) and contract (when air is exhaled).

Larynx: Voice box.

Lungs: The two organs that extract oxygen from inhaled air and expel carbon dioxide in exhaled air.

Muscles attached to the diaphragm: These muscles help move the diaphragm up and down for breathing.

Nasal cavity: Interior area of the nose; lined with a sticky mucous membrane and contains tiny, surface hairs called cilia.

Nose hairs: Located at the entrance of the nose, these hairs trap large particles that are inhaled.

Paranasal sinuses: Air spaces within the skull.

Pharynx: The throat.

Pleural membrane: Covering the lung and lining the chest cavity, this membrane has 2 thin layers.

Pulmonary vessels: Pulmonary arteries carry deoxygenated blood from the heart and lungs; pulmonary veins carry oxygenated blood back to the heart.

Respiratory center: Area of the brain that controls breathing.

Ribs: Bones attached to the spine and central portion of the breastbone, which support the chest wall and protect the heart, lungs, and other organs in the chest.

Trachea: Tube through which air passes from the nose to the lungs (also known as the windpipe).

Illustration provided by: Leslie Laurien, MSMI

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ايمن محمد28/10/2015

اكتير جميلة ربنا يحمينا يا اولاد

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سبحان الله




الهم صلی علی محمد و ال محمد


صورة جميلة جدا وانا بعطي تحية لي اسيسل و امير و اسامة وامي العزيزة وابي الحنون

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الصورة رووووووعة احلى صورة في الكاريكاتير

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ابغى شيىء حلو او جديد



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الف الف الف مليوتن شكر على الرووعه وتسلم ايدك


صلو على رسول الله


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زنكه زنكه


الله يرحمك يا هدير نفسى لوان الزمن يرجع لورا وافديكى بروحى ولا مرة اشوفك فارقتينى لحظه واحده بحبك يا هدير ووفاتك مش هتأثر فى حبى ليكر ارقدى بسلام يا ايتها الملاااااااااااااااك البرئ

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