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A growing number of people are forced to cope with a life lacking health insurance. For some, it’s a job that doesn’t offer coverage or a lack of employment altogether. For others, it’s the lack of available funds to pay for private health insurance coverage and, as a result, many people live every day not knowing how they will pay for it when the unexpected inevitably occurs.

When accepting a new employment position, applicants should consider the availability of health insurance. Some employers provide it free of charge, while others charge employees a small fee for enrollment. The fee is small compared to a hospital bill if the unfortunate should occur. Many employers can provide coverage for the employee and one other person, which may be a child or spouse.

For those who are unable to obtain health insurance at their place of employment, many local agencies provide coverage directly to individuals. A simple telephone call is all that it takes to learn which agencies will and will not offer health insurance. A preliminary, and brief, interview will be conducted and the agent will offer a quote based on age, health, status as a cigarette smoker, etc. Some agencies require that the individual take a medical physical prior to being granted coverage, while others will not. Policies vary from one agency to another, but the main reason for this is to diagnose any underlying problems, which will not likely be covered in the new policy. Applicants are required to disclose any past or present known medical conditions or will run the risk of their coverage being denied or, if granted, later revoked.

For those who cannot afford any type of health insurance, hospitals often provide a monthly payment plan for patients who do not have other coverage. By signing an agreement with the billing office, some patients are now able to undergo treatment or have surgery that would otherwise be unavailable due to a lack of health insurance coverage.

Another option is free clinics, which are located throughout America and offer low or no cost treatment to both children and adults. This type of clinic generally provides routine check-ups, immunizations and is equipped to treat common ailments. For more serious injuries or sickness, free clinics may refer patients to an emergency care facility such as a hospital.

Health insurance is the best way to ensure that an individual’s medical expenses be covered, even if it is a minimal amount of coverage. Even if it is temporary insurance, which is offered to individuals who are between jobs or find themselves temporarily without coverage, health insurance is a necessity.

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