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"There is Something You Can Do When Health Insurance Is Not Available to You"No one wants to not have health insurance. Not having health insurance can be a scary situation. The fear of not being able to take care of your loved ones medical needs can be over whelming. So what are you to do? Whether we all like it or not, we all need some type of medical attention some time in our lives. And these services do cost money.

It's guaranteed if you have children they will need medical attention for something. So the situation we find our self in is: we need to get care and at the same time we need to soften the financial burden some how because we do not have health insurance. We use our money management skills but doctor bills are huge when you are on a budget. If we do not play our cards right, we could run into some financial trouble. So without health insurance and a tight budget, we still options.

A Discounted Fee for Services Card may be a good thing to have. These programs are becoming very popular lately. Most discount cards cover supplemental care such as Dental and Vision. However, some companies are offering coverage for primary care and advocacy for hospital stays. If you are like me, you are most likely used to health insurance.

Health insurance is easy when you have coverage. All your doctors are on the plan and you pay a deductible for every visit, it is very easy to get care you want because the health insurance will pay for 90% of the costs. The hard part of health insurance is paying for it and having it. Discount Services Programs require a different approach and mind set.First of all you must accept the fact that health insurance and medical discount cards are totally different products. Health insurance is something we may not be able to afford while discount cards are affordable.

However discounted fee-for-service programs require persistence and research. To be truthful, I don't find this approach to appealing to my "safe and easy" health insurance. However, when it comes to finding proper care for my family, taking the time to find the right doctor is beneficial in the long run and well worth the effort. Let's face it, you want the best care for your children, but money is a major factor for any Middle Class American family to have. One of the most common challenges members have is that their doctor is not on the provider list.

So, you should research the doctor you are considering. You should definitely call the doctor you are considering and ask about any experience they may have. Also, ask for referrals if they are available. This way you can ask questions to someone that has actually used the doctor's services. The more you know about the doctor the more comfortable you feel with going to them for care.

Even though medical discount cards ensure a change of pace when looking for medical care, it is a much better alternative to paying full prices for services. Also, if you think about it, most of these plans are so inexpensive it is worth having so you don't strain your budget to far when it comes to getting the care you need.

Topher John is a specialist in building internet small businesses. He has an interest healthcare industry, specifically how it relates to the family and over all individual health. He also is a webmaster for a Discounted Fee for Services web site. If you would like more information on a discounted fee for service healthcare program, please visit

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