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   Kentucky health insurance, provided by the Kentucky Department of Insurance, helps in regulating the different kinds of insurance that are sold to the residents of this eastern state of the US. This takes into account the health insurance policies. For the best of health insurance coverage rates, you can approach the Department of Insurance to help you out with an agent or insurance company which is licensed by the state. Once you obtain the Kentucky health insurance provider of your choice, you can get in touch with the numbers for offering you the contact details.

   The Department of Insurance helps you out with resolving claims and disputes that you may have with your insurer. The Department of Labor can help you get Kentucky health insurance through your job. If you are employed, your plan is regulated by the EBSA or Employee Benefits Security Administration (governed by the Department of Labor) who are empowered to make as well as enforce laws that should be followed by your employer while they are offering health insurance coverage for the employees. As a rule, it is beyond the power of your employer to single out a particular employee to eliminate them from a health insurance plan as they have an illness that is expensive to afford.

   If there are over 20 employees in your office, you are entitled to COBRA continuation coverage while you are quitting your job. According to the norms of the EBSA, the employee should be entitled to their due rights of obtaining health insurance in Kentucky. You may have doubts about the practices followed by your employer in carrying out or performing your employment based coverage. This may take into account the promise or possibility of being offered COBRA continuation coverage, but not being offered any. If such a situation arises, you should get in touch with your regional or local EBSA office.

How to Buy Individual Policies in Kentucky?

   When it comes to purchasing individual policies in Kentucky, remember that insurers are free to reject the application forwarded by you according to the status of your health. However, there are certain parameters that allow you to qualify for a coverage plan for being eligible under the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPAA. Certain such instances are as follows:

   You should have had a minimum of 18 months of regular creditable coverage, its last day being under a group plan

   You should have exhausted all kinds of COBRA continuous coverage that had been made available to you

   As a person who is eligible for the HIPAA, you have all the rights to purchase the health insurance plan through the Kentucky Access. In case there are doubts regarding the fact if you are eligible for the HIPAA, check and confirm with the Department of Insurance or your insurance agent. In case you are unable to purchase individual health insurance, you can approach Kentucky Access that offers coverage to people with pre existing medical conditions. All you need to do is qualify for their eligibility programs.
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