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   If you want to know about nevada health insurance, check out the Nevada Division of Insurance, which helps to regulate the various types of health insurance policies that are sold in the state. For the best of health insurance coverage, you can even locate a health insurance company according to your choosing, with the help of the Division of Insurance.

   These companies are licensed by the state and all you need to do to get started is get in touch with them through their official web site. The Division of Insurance also helps handle disputes regarding nevada health insurance that you might have with your insurance provider. Here, you need to fill an online form and thus lodge your complaint.

The Labor Department

   The US Labor Department is the body that is responsible for handling the medical insurance policies that you get through your job. These nevada health insurance policies are taken care of by the EBSA – Employee Benefits Security Administration which creates as well as enforces the laws that should be followed by your employer while they are offering health insurance benefits to their employees. For instance, your employer cannot single out an employee for excluding them from a certain health insurance plan in Nevada on the grounds that they are terminally ill or their illness requires expensive treatment.

   If the total number of employees reaches 20, the employee should be offered COBRA benefits which is actually continuation coverage in case you have left your job. The task of the EBSA is to ensure that everything happens according to the rules and that the rights of the employee are protected.

   If you have anxieties regarding the practices of your employer, about carrying out their health insurance responsibilities to their employees, you can get in touch with your local EBSA office. These are situations where you feel you have been terminated on unjustified grounds or that you deserved COBRA continuation, but it was not given to you.

How to Purchase Individual Health Insurance Plans in Nevada

   Nevada insurers are permitted by the state to reject your health insurance application for medical coverage on the basis of the status of your health. But then, you may be considered as HIPAA eligible on the following grounds:

   If you have had a minimum of 18 months’ continuous creditable coverage with its last day falling under a group plan
If you have exhausted your existing COBRA continuation coverage

   In case you happen to be HIPAA eligible, you can purchase insurance through the Nevada Comprehensive Health Insurance Risk Pool Association. For doubts, you can clarify the terms with your insurance agent or Nevada Division of Insurance. The State Children’s Health Insurance Program covers kids below 19 if their family meets certain income requirements. The State Health Insurance Assistance Program offers free counseling for Medicare beneficiaries. Nevada Medicaid helps the poor obtain medical acre. Children below 19 years and pregnant women are eligible along with the aged, blind or physically handicapped people on meeting certain criteria.

   The Division of Insurance also helps handle disputes regarding nevada health insurance that you might have with your insurance provider. To know more about nevada health insurance, please visit our website.

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