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   We all scare the idea of what will happen to our families if suddenly we are struck with a medical emergency,incur a cardiac arrest or a stroke or are diagnosed with cancer and hence left in a position when we can no longer work and earn? Often a lot of the people take it for granted that all the medical costs and expenses in such a situation will be suitably taken care of by the North Carolina Health Insurance company.Nonetheless,practically there are very few traditional health insurance plans that actually provide ample coverage if the policy holder or any of his family members incurs a serious and major illness,that too if the person in question is the sole bread earner for the family.

    Long term care insurance or health insurance for catastrophic illnesses like a heart attack or cancer is a commonly heard element at present. These are such North Carolina Health Insurance Plans that are capable of providing benefits in case the policy holder is diagnosed with a particular kind of illness that is covered by the policy within the stipulated time period of the coverage.These North Carolina policies work more or less like the life insurance policies rather than a standard health insurance policy.Hence only a specific amount is paid out only when the policy holder or a family member is diagnosed with a catastrophic illness.It may at the same time also offer for alternative healthcare treatments like making necessary conversions at home for wheelchair accessibility.

   These are specific kinds of advantages that are otherwise not in general covered by the standard health plans available in the market.And that is primarily because there is no guarantee of the fact that an individual will at all need catastrophic illness coverage in the entire life time.However,the odds are much more than one could think of.If the statistics are taken into consideration it is found that,

   Every individual is more than 6 times prone prior to the age of 65 to be diagnosed with cancer than he or she is to die before that same age

   There is a 1 is to 6 chance of every individual to have a stroke between age of 40 and 70

   There is a 1 is to 6 chance of every individual to be diagnosed with some form of cancer before the age of 70

   A deadly combination of high deductibles on the insurance plans and the treatments that are not covered by most of the policies along with the unforeseen medical expenses can be enough to wipe out the budget of a family once and for all.In such situations a potential bankruptcy is quite likely often forcing the family members to go for mortgaging the family house as well.

   So what comes in really handy in such situations is the catastrophic illness health insurance, which is actually a form of a supplementary health insurance.It helps to take care of many of the expenses that are related to such serious illnesses that are left uncovered by the traditional and standard health insurance policies.

   The basic key to locate a good carrier for your north carolina health insurance is to be well educated. For more information about north carolina health insurance, please visit our website

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