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   The list of items that have been announced by the Finance ministry for deciding on the tax assesses do not comprise of fancy cars or bungalows. It only contains rather mundane items like the credit cards and cell phones and the two wheelers, etc. As a result a lot of the people get caught straight in to the web of Tax. In such situations it is not unlikely for common citizens to almost visualize the gleeful face of the Fin Min rubbing his hands for the all the more boosted tax loot.

   So, then the question is what is the way to save oneself from the clutches of the tax giant at this point of time?

   Well, the one thing that needs to be mentioned before any further discussion is that as far as the issue of tax is concerned, sidestepping is a solution that needs to be strictly avoided at all points of time. So the only way out left is to hold close to the various tax saving tools that will give one the maximum and the ultimate benefit. These tools are the ones that finally prove to be effective in reducing the burden of tax off the shoulders of common people.

   Well the first element that comes to mind when talking of tax saving tools is health insurance. Thanks to the recent fiscal amendments the tax benefits have become all the more inclusive. So a very suitable option for you in such circumstances is to consider buying an Oregon Health Insurance Plan. Well, all that you need to do in order to make the best of this unique tax saving instrument is be a little smarter to handle the situation and make the calculations a lot more carefully.

This is how you can go ahead.

   You are likely to have knowledge of the fact that the premium that the policy holders in general pay on the tax deductible is under a particular income tax section Act. According to this act both the federal and the state estate and income tax deductions are calculated from a qualified charitable donation. In this context even the municipal property taxes might get reduced on the basis of the assessment practices that are carried out in the direct locality.

   If a person is self employed he or she can avail a tax deduction for the various Oregon Health Insurance expenses. But before they claim this deduction it is necessary for them to calculate the extent till which they are allowed the health insurance deduction. They have to first consider their self employed income and then subtract the 50% deduction for the self employment taxes mentioned along with any requirement contributions if any to Keogh plan or the SEP-IRA plan. If the self employed income of an individual comes from a business that falls within the Schedule C category and he or she reports of a net loss on the Form 1040 Line 12, then he or she is no more held eligible for deduction of the Oregon Health Insurance costs.

   The deductible is the total amount of money that the policy holder needs to pay for his care before the period from when the oregon health insurance commences. For more information about oregon health insurance, please visit our website

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