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   If you are trying to find a suitable reason as to why your application for an Oregon Health Insurance got rejected, this article here intends to provide you with some sort of answer to your question. Every year hundreds and thousands of people all around the globe, just like you, are rejected the chance to purchase a Health Insurance plan. Just like you, all of them apply for the insurance plan, are ready to pay for it but still find their applications rejected just like you. Now the question is why do the applications get turned down in the first place? Is there anything that so many people out there can probably do?

   Well the heart of the answer to these entire questions lie in the fact that all of them essentially need to follow the money. The Oregon Health Insurance companies like all other health insurance companies around the world are in the market to do business and not to serve any philanthropic purpose. So obviously their sole aim is to do business and make money. And this is the single universal goal of all the insurance providers irrespective of the fact whether it is a profit or non profit organization. In case you get a little too sick or in case the situation you are in right now costs them more than what you have originally paid them, then they will obviously not make money out of the deal. They will obviously loose money. That is precisely what makes insurance a truly risky business.

   When an individual purchases insurance, they do so in order to protect themselves from losing on their hard earned money to some unprecedented medical problem that is a bit too expensive. In this case the individual chooses to pay the money straightaway beforehand so that they can save themselves from paying an abrupt amount of money later on if there is a crisis medical situation with themselves or anyone else in the family. So the insurance customer’s purpose is to pay less that what it requires in general to stay healthy or provide suitable medical care to a family member.

   So in the relation between the insurance company and the insurance policy holder, it is obvious that either of the two will be the loser at the end.

   Now then, how did the Oregon Health Insurance company decide that you are too risky a gamble?

   To start with, in the initial stage you were asked to fill out the insurance application form. In this application form there were a number of points where you had to specify a few aspects about your lifestyle that were actually clues that could help them make an idea. For instance, whether you will call yourself smoker or not! So there is a very high chance that your application might have been turned down as the insurance company must have decided that at your age being a smoker was enough to make you sick. Hence that must have made your application a risky proposition.

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