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Dedicated to improving cancer diagnosis and treatment by providing clinicians fast and free access to authoritative medical databases, news, expert Q&As, and more.
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University Cancer Centers


University cancer center is Award winning cancer care treatment centers located in Houston, Huntsville, Brenham and Pasadena, Texas. Our staff specialized in Radiation Oncologist, Mark A D’Andrea, who provides unique comprehensive treatment options to all patients. We offer a wide range of diagnostic imaging, testing and screening for adult and children. At University Cancer Centers, we have made it our mission to stay current with the latest treatment methods and are able to offer customized cancer care. Our radiation therapy is secure and designed to target cancerous cells and tumors with minimal damage to healthy tissues and organs. Our physicians assess each diagnosis, the patient’s overall health and take other factors related to cancer into account. Depending on the patient’s overall needs, he/she may solely receive radiation therapy or in combination with other treatment modalities.

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Parkway Cancer Centre


Offers comprehensive cancer treatment with a highly skilled, multi-disciplinary team comprising consultant medical specialists, nurses, counsellors and other para-medical professionals to meet the specific needs of cancer patients. enquiry@pcc.sg

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Mesothelioma Resource Online


Mesothelioma Resource Online has pulled together as a single resource everything related to asbestos to promote education and awareness for victims, their families, and the general public.

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Dr. Sreekumar Raghavakaimal


Senior vice president and chief development officer at the National Foundation for Cancer Research with a background in chemistry, physics, and organic chemistry.

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Provides information on different types of cancer, treatment options, coping resources, clinical trials, and more. From the University of Pennsylvania.

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Cancer Information Network


Provides information for patients and physicians. It features bi-daily cancer news updates.

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Access the latest news and meet a cancer friend in online discussion and chat areas.

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Oncology Tools


Resource from the FDA reports on drugs, links to disease summaries, and other online cancer references.

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World Oncology Network


Resource for practicing oncologists and hematologists throughout the world.

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Advances in Oncology


Offers news on cancer treatment developments, targeted therapies, leukemia, breast cancer, skeletal complications, and more.

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Oncology specific search engine for physicians and patients.

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Network For Oncology Communication and Research


Provides oncologists and allied health care professionals with news, education and networking opportunities.

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Skin Oncology Teaching Center


Educational resources for medical professionals and students.

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Provides a online oncology community for professionals.

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For the advancement of understanding and care in oncology.

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Subscription-based information service for professionals and students interested in cancer and oncology research. Locates content from various sources, including books, journals, grants, dissertations, and web sites.

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