List of Medical Schools in Egypt

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Cairo University School of Medicine - in Egypt

The school of medicine at Cairo University is one of the earliest medical school in Egypt and Africa, started long before the establishment of Cairo University and became part of it in 1925

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Faculty of Medicine Ain Shams University - in Egypt

Medical students are the target of the learning process this faculty is providing. The final outcome should satisfy both specific local needs of our community and international standards of medical graduates.

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College of Medicine Misr University for Science & Technology - in Egypt

The availability of well-equipped medical laboratories for histology, medical biochemistry, physiology, pathology, etc., as well as a fully integrated anatomy facility are fundamental to the preparation of a reliable and knowledgeable future general medical practitioners.

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Faculty of Medicine Alexandria University - in Egypt

The FacuLty of Medicine (FM) was estabLished according to the RoyaL Degree No. 32 pronounced in August 1942 by King Farouk The First. Teaching started in the academic year of 194211943. In addition to the medicaL schooL itself, FM expanded to encompass a Dentistry SchooL ( I 945), a Pharmacy SchooL (1948), a School for Nurses, Midwives and Physiotherapists (1950) and the High Institute of Nursing in collaboration with WHO (1956).

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