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Health news

Health news

07/01/2010 08:33:12

... More Details
Lung anatomy

Lung anatomy

09/11/2009 04:19:00

this image shows the area of exchange of gases between the blood and the air in the lungs and the blood circulation in the thorax region showing: 1. superior vena cava 2. inferior vena cava 3. heart 4... More Details
Arteries of the lower limb

Arteries of the lower limb

24/11/2009 05:45:00

this image shows the arteries of the lower limb displaying their origin , course , relations and branches (from posterior view) showing: 1. superior gluteal artery 2. inferior gluteal artery 3. obtur... More Details
Ear anatomy

Ear anatomy

12/10/2009 04:40:00

this is the middle and the inner ear together with their detailed structures showing: 1. ear canal 2. ear drum 3. Eustachian tube 4. malleus 5. incus 6. stapes 7. round window 8. oval window 9. audito... More Details
Dermatology Atlas

Dermatology Atlas

24/06/2011 10:15:47

In This Section you will find detailed different sections about all different disease affecting the skin including Papulosquamous diseases , Disorders of Sebaseous Glands , Disorders of Pigmentation ,... More Details
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