• Causes and Treatment of Stress

    By Professor SAMMY GOUTI

    Each one of us needs a certain in level of stress to be able to carry out and perform our regular and daily routine tasks. As a matter of fact, without a certain level of stress -an optimal and healthy level -- it would be impossible for people to work, live, or engage in any activities. Therefore, a healthy amount of stress is a definite need for human life.  Read..

  • Haiti - Medical Cataclysm

    By Dr. Alecsandro Neonakis, Dr. Muhammad Tahir Manzoor Bhinder

    As we went to Haiti representing the American Medical Students’ Association (AMSA), and the Islamic Centre of the Dominican Republic (Circulo Islámico de la Republica Dominicana), we had a first-hand glimpse into what was really happening in the forefront, post-earthquake.  Read..

  • Miller Fisher Syndrome: A Case Report

    By Tiffany A. Pompa

    Miller Fisher Syndrome is a rare variant of Guillain-Barre syndrome resulting in a post-infectious neuropathy that affects 0.1 per 100,000 worldwide annually. Miller Fisher syndrome presents with a triad of areflexia, ataxia and ophthalmoplegia. This typical presentation of Miller Fischer syndrome is not always evident. In this paper, we introduce a case of a young female who presented during the summertime with the triad stated above plus facial and transient lower limb parasthesia  Read..

  • Portal Venous System Thrombosis Following Splenectomy

    By John Richey

    Portal venous system thrombosis (PVST) following splenectomy due to trauma is rare. Due to the infrequent nature of this event, few studies have been completed to create standards of care for these patients. When to screen for, and how to manage this condition remains understudied. Indeed portal venous thrombosis is a life threatening emergency, and a review of the risk factors, and frequency of this event is important. This paper describes an interesting case of splenectomy following trauma, its rare complication of PVST, and finally discusses the data available regarding screening and treatment.  Read..

  • Acute unilateral hearing loss as an unusual presentation of cholesteatoma

    By Daniel Thio , Shahzada K Ahmed and Richard C Bickerton
    Department of Otorhinolaryngology, South Warwickshire General Hospitals NHS Trust Warwick CV34 5BW UK

    41-year-old gentleman was referred to the otolaryngology outpatient clinic with a one-month history of acute right-sided hearing loss. At the time of onset, he noticed a sudden loss of hearing in his right ear immediately following the prolonged use of a pneumatic drill on concrete without the benefit of ear protection. There was no previous history of noise exposure or any ear problems.  Read..

  • Hypnosis-associated blue-tinted vision: a case report

    By Ran D Anbar and Aaron D Savedoff

    The patient reported blue-tinted vision when he used hypnosis on an almost daily basis for seven years. The visual change typically occurred when he was relaxed.  Read..

  • A liver fibrosis cocktail? Psoriasis, methotrexate and genetic hemochromatosis

    By Joseph Mathew , Nick Morley , May Y Leong and Alastair D Burt

    Pathologists are often faced with the dilemma of whether to recommend continuation of methotrexate therapy for psoriasis within the context of an existing pro-fibrogenic risk factor, in this instance, patients with genetic hemochromatosis.  Read..

  • Bilateral neuro-retinitis following chick embryo cell anti-rabies vaccination – a case report

    By Rohit Saxena , Harinder Singh Sethi , Harminder Kumar Rai and Vimla Menon
    Dr. R. P. Centre for Ophthalmic Sciences, All India Institute of Medical Sciences, New Delhi 110029, India

    56 year old male presented with complaint of acute onset painless diminution of vision in the right eye of 3 days duration followed by similar complaint in left eye after 1 day which deteriorated over the next 2 days.  Read..

  • Erythema induratum: a case of mistaken identity

    By Gary Y Chew, Christopher Henderson and John W Quin

    A 29-year-old Vietnamese woman who had migrated to Australia 5 years previously was referred with a 2-month history of erythematous painful nodules on her thighs and left buttock, the largest of which measured 3 cm × 4 cm.  Read..

  • Fracture of malleus and dislocation of multiple ossicular joints after welding flame burn

    By Liu, Wei

    We report a rare case of fracture of the malleus and multiple ossicular dislocation. The fracture and dislocation of the ossicular chain occurred in a welding worker who suffered from a welding flame bum and self-induced earpick trauma of his left ear.  Read..

  • An interesting case of Hypokalemic periodic paralysis

    By Dr.Vikas Singh

    A 34 year old male, engaged in some industrial work in Noida, with no significant past history, presented to the casualty (ESI Hospital, Noida) with acute onset weakness of all four limbs. The patient had gone to bed without any weakness, but when he woke up early morning- he found himself totally unable to get up. What he could manage on bed was some movement of his limbs parallel to his bed, but couldn’t perform any movements against gravity.  Read..

  • A Case of Abruptio Placentae with a History of H1N1 Influenza Infection

    By John Richey MSIII

    Y.S. was a 19 y/o Hispanic female who presented to the labor and delivery ward complaining of abdominal pain and vaginal bleeding. The patient was G1 P0, and at 33+1 weeks. Estimated date of confinement was 8/28/09 by ultrasound, as stated by the patient. She reported that while at work and at around 12:00 p.m. she felt she needed to use the restroom. She states that when she attempted this, there was a ‘gush” of blood into the toilet. Soon after this incident she called her husband, whom suggested that she call an ambulance. The ambulance arrived, and brought her to the nearest hospital. Upon the 12:39 arrival to the emergency department, the patient was rapidly triaged, and immediately sent, while still on stretcher, to the Labor and Delivery ward for further evaluation.  Read..

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