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   Malaysia has become one of the top health tourism destinations in the world presenting most attractive opportunities for medical tourists in cost effective treatments. The total number of medical tourist arrivals in the country reached to the mark of 425,500 in 2009, backed by factors, such as availability of good healthcare infrastructure, government support through promotional programs, and well-skilled medical professionals. It is estimated that, the total medical tourist arrivals in the country will reach 689,000 by 2012 end, which represents a CAGR growth of around 17% since 2009, says our latest report “Malaysia Medical Tourism Outlook 2012”.

   Our report has found that competitiveness in cost structure of medical treatments is a unique and driving factor for the Malaysian medical tourism sector. The country offers some of the complex medical treatments and services at considerable low prices compared to the developed world. For instance, the cost of knee replacement in Malaysia is US$ 8,000 compared to US$ 40,000 in the US for the same treatment.

   The report “Malaysia Medical Tourism Outlook 2012” covers all the key aspects of the Malaysian medical tourism sector, and analyzes current market trends and their impact on the future performance. It also analyzes the cost structure of different treatments and makes comparisons among Malaysia and the other leading countries of the world. Moreover, the report provides a prudent analysis on the revenue patterns regarding the medical tourism sector in Malaysia.

   The report is an outcome of an in-depth research and extensive analysis of the Malaysian medical tourism sector, with complete emphasis on data reliability and content flow. Future projection in key areas makes use of effective methods and techniques that seek to present a realistic outlook. Last though not the least, the report also covers a description and recent activities of key market players to understand the details of private sector participation.

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Article By: Shushmul Maheshwari

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