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   Have you ever felt your intestines blowing up like a balloon animal? Or do your stools give you the feel like thrones? What a weird question, isn’t it? Yes it is. But at the same time, it’s the obvious one and you may get to hear these questions from your doctor or other medical practitioner you consult with. And if your answer is in affirmation you are on the verge of facing severe liver and intestine problems, which is not a good sign for your health.

   Well, some intelligent one has said it right that human body is the most complicated machine in this world. And a machine needs care as well. It needs lubricant, cleanliness just like other machines and in the absent of which the machine catches junk, gets damaged and sometimes beyond repair. Our stomach is the engine of this machine and it needs most attention. If it doesn’t get proper care the repercussions are fatal. You may succumb to Acid reflux, or to Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, or to constipation, diarrhea, diverticulitis or IBS. The intestine wall may get swollen, your bowel may not be regular or normal, and your stool may be too hard or too loose. This all disrupts our daily life.

   The typical symptoms of IBD, Diverticulitis and other intestinal diseases are low appetite, weight loss, nausea, vomit, bloating and heartburn. And these diseases get harder with the times as after some time acid reflux can be a cause of ulcer, and most of liver problems lead to heart diseases. So, in order to stop the devil at the very start, one must take some precautionary steps. And what would be better than the natural treatment. Because of their simplicity and harmlessness herbal techniques are getting a new high these days.

   The natural cure for IBS contains ginger, caraway, chamomile, peppermint etc and the natural remedies for diverticulitis contain papaya, pineapple and orange juice.

   In the same way the treatment for inflammatory bowel diseases can be done by olive oil, banana, drinking a lot of water and exercising, and the Natural Cure For Acid Reflux says to drink radish juice mixed with sugar, carrot juice and a cove after meal.

   What is interesting about these all remedies is that they not only cure the disease but also promise a good health. And after all health is the real wealth. And they are simple in nature, no specialization is required, just a mere acquaintance with the herbs in our kitchen and a routine life and you have got the formula for the good health. It’s a win-win situation. Is not it? So start practicing a healthy life style and live long and happy.

Article By: Albert Snow

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