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   India has registered fast growth in the number of clinical trials during the past few years, reflecting that the country has become one of the most attractive destinations for medical research. With rising number of applications to be studied, the number of clinical trials in India is expected to register a significant growth in near future also. According to our research report “Booming Clinical Trials Market in India”, the number of clinical studies by the domestic and global players has sharply risen. Due to this support, the number of clinical trials in India is anticipated to touch the mark of 1950 by 2013.

   We have also found that the future growth in number of clinical trials will be mainly driven by surge in industry sponsored trials that have already started to play a key role in the market. Besides, availability of skilled manpower and good medical infrastructure will augment the number of clinical trials conducted in India. Our report provides detail analysis of the key factors defining, why companies prefer India for conducting their clinical trials.

   Our research report has analyzed the Indian clinical trial market with emphasis on current market trends and future outlook. It has also found that, growth of the clinical trials market is likely to open many opportunities in the country. Our report provides an insight on these opportunities. Our study has also done cost analysis. It has also studied the regulatory environment and market trends. Moreover, it presents an analysis on the infrastructure and expertise of the Indian clinical trial market.

   “Booming Clinical Trials Market in India” is an outcome of extensive research and prudent analysis of the Indian clinical trial market. The report covers all the necessary segments of the sector, providing reliable and latest data of the industry. The report presents future outlook of different areas for period 2011-2013. Moreover, the description of key players and their recent activities have been covered in the report.

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Article By: Shushmul Maheshwari

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