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   Currently, the clinical trials market in Russia holds a prominent importance as significant changes are occurring at the regulatory front as well as in the industry performance. With the passage of new law ‘on circulation of medicines’ the clinical trials market has moved towards new regulatory mechanism that talks about effective changes for international multi-centre clinical trials. Due to the implementation of changes in accordance with the law, the market for international clinical trials in Russia declined by over 25% during 2010. Proper description of impacts and implications of law has been covered in our new report entitled “Clinical Trials Market in Russia”.

   Our report has found that, in terms of top four sponsors, Russia stands at the top place with 189 studies for the period spanning January 2010 to September 2010. Countries, such as the US, Germany and Switzerland grabbed the next three positions with number of clinical trials at 70, 40, and 29 respectively. The presence of foreign sponsors in the majority of phase III clinical trials illustrates their effectiveness.

   The report “Clinical Trials Market in Russia” covers all the important aspects of clinical trials market in Russia and provides broad overview of the current market trends and their impact on the industry performance. The report also analyzes the market in terms of total numbers, phases, therapy areas, and sponsors. An effective illustration of regulatory environment and measures aimed at clinical trials has also been provided in the report.

   The report is an outcome of in-depth research and prudent analysis of the Russian clinical trials market, emphasizing on data reliability and proper content flow. The future outlook in the report makes use of proper forecasting methods and base. The coverage of patent profile and health workforce analysis section presents a brief illustration of recruitment and skill related issues in Russia. Last though not the least, competitive landscape section provides a complete description and developments related to active market players in the Russian clinical trials market.

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Article By: Shushmul Maheshwari

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