There are several different types of scan which are performed using ultrasound during a woman’s pregnancy and they are done to check for different things. One of the ultrasound scans which are offered is an anatomical scan. This scan is carried out to check that your baby is developing properly and that all the major organs are forming as they should and are where they should be in the body.

Pregnancies are usually times of great joy and incredible excitement but there can also be worries and concerns about the health and development of the baby. An anatomical scan is useful as it not only allows the baby’s development to be checked but can also be used to show the parents that everything is as it should be and there is no cause for worry. Babies are very delicate and defenceless when they are born and naturally need caring for and looking after. It is therefore good to learn whether any additional special care will be required if the baby has any conditions or problems. An anatomical scan can help to highlight any of these possible issues. It is not good to discover that your baby might develop a problem but it is good to know in advance and to have some time to prepare for it.

An anatomical scan is usually carried out as a 20 week ultrasound scan or a couple of weeks either side of this. This scan provides the best opportunity for any problems to be picked up on and allows time for a plan to be put in place for any treatment or procedures which will be required after the birth. The scan can show the development of the baby’s face and hands and fingers and general physical appearance but can also show the development of internal organs. It is essential for organs to develop as they should and so the scan is able to show the development of the heart, lungs, kidneys and other vital organs. The scan is not able to detect every possible problem but is able to detect most major issues if they are there. Not everybody chooses to have an anatomical scan but the majority of people see it as a particularly useful scan to have and it is performed in the same way as other pregnancy ultrasound scans.

Nobody wants to learn that their unborn baby may suffer from some problem or issue when they are born because something has gone wrong with development in the womb but it can be beneficial to know about it in advance. Having advance notice that there could be potential problems allows the parents to make any decisions and to discuss things with medical professionals to help them come up with a plan. The majority of births go well and the baby is happy and healthy. Having an anatomical ultrasound scan lets the parents see how their baby is developing and allows medical staff to check on the baby without any intrusive measures being needed.

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Article By: Polina

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