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Quality Control (QC) and Quality Assurance (QA) in the IVF laboratory play an important role in the success of any IVF program. The role of QC procedures in the IVF laboratory is to fine tune existing protocols in order to more effectively help infertile patients in their quest to have a healthy baby.

Every IVF Clinic dealing with infertility issues and handling advanced issues in respect to reproductive health and Artificial Reproductive Technologies (ART) such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), will need in their IVf Clinic state-of-the-art IVF Laboratory. This IVF Laboratory has to be equipped with latest IVF technology equipments aiding in the process of IVF and other medical applications.


The IVF Lab Facility is the most critical work area in the entire ART IVF Center. In this area sperm embryos and Oocytes are manipulated openly. This is specifically designed for aseptic handling of oocytes and embryos to minimize microbial contamination. This is an advance process where embryos are formed and transferred into women's uterus.

IVF today is among one of the most profitable treatments to offer in the Healthcare Industry. IVF clinic or fertility specialty hospital can provide better chances at conception to infertile couples with IVF ART technology. Egg donation and egg freezing programs are integral part of any IVF Clinic.

IVF Clinic or IVF Center requires 400-800 sq ft of space to start a basic IVF facility. More elaborate and advance facilities require about 1000-1800 sq ft of space. The basic rooms required are OT, Embryo Culture Lab (IVF lab), Semen Collection Room, Embryo Transfer Room and utility room. The embryologist need to be trained to do basic IVF lab routine work and the clinician need to have the knowledge of follicle monitoring on ultrasound and ovum pickup in any IVF Laboratory. Because every IVF lab or In Vitro lab has specific requirements for their IVF program, all ART IVF centers have their own need for a variety of configurations and accessories for IVF Workstations.IVF Workstations need to be positioned sensibly and logically to make working more practical and accident free.


The CO2 Incubator is the heart of an IVF Lab. This is the place where all embryos live and grow before they go back to their mummy's uterus.

The CO2 incubators are the most important equipment for the work performed in the IVF lab because the eggs harvested from the ovaries of the patient for fertilization spend the greatest amount of time outside of the body in the incubator.

Variation in pH and temperature affects the embryo quality and thereby pregnancy rate. Therefore proper maintenance of CO2 incubator is very critical.

CO2 incubators are widely used in scientific research to grow and maintain cell cultures. Typical fields of application include tissue engineering, in vitro fertilization, neuroscience, cancer research and other mammalian cell research. The new MicroGalaxy CO2 incubator is designed for, but not limited to, use in vitro Fertilisation (IVF) techniques. IVF procedures demand accurate temperature and CO2 levels, quick and convenient incubator access within a work station and fast recovery after the door is opened. (The Micro Galaxy is a unique new product which satisfies all these requirements.) It has Micro footprint with 14 ltr capacity.

The following features of Micro Galaxy CO2 incubator makes it widely acceptable in IVF Workstation.

1. Seamless internal chamber with rounded corners
2. Personal incubator for cultivation of sensitive samples
3. High humidity with completely dry wall chamber
4. Simple, easily removable shelf and racking system for easier cleaning
5. Compact design and stack ability optimise laboratory space
6. Infrared CO, sensor for fast and accurate CO, recovery

IVF workstations:

IVF workstations are specially designed to use in fertility laboratories for research work, ART and IVF Laboratories in the fields of human and animal reproduction. Many In Vitro Workstations are dedicated to IVF and the many ART techniques. The idea is to achieve the best possible controlled environment for the gametes and embryos during the various procedures to minimize microbial contamination.

This includes hygienic conditions to minimize microbial contamination, a warmed work surface for the sustenance of biological matter and provisions for the use of microscopes.
In the IVF workstation, air is taken in from above the workstation and passed through an ULPA filter. The filtered air is then passed through the main chamber in a vertical laminar (unidirectional) air stream before being exhausted through the front opening.

Normally an IVF Workstation is in the capacity of 3, 4, 5-foot width with Single Scope, as well as 6 foot width Single Scope and double Scope. For labs that may not be able to accommodate a 6-foot width yet require more bench space than a 4-foot bench, the 5-foot IVF Workstation is the perfect alternative.

The Key Benefits of using an IVF Workstation in IVF Laboratory are

1. The noise level is kept very low (less than 55 dB).
2. The pH and osmolarity are controlled with a built-in gassing and humidifying system.
3. Flushing CO2-gas mixture maintains correct pH.
4. Prevents frequent openings of CO2-incubator.
5. Temperature is controlled with a built-in heated area in the table plate.
6. Maximum work area in well lit laminar flow cabinet, flushed with a vertical flow of HEPA filtered air.
7. Microscopes already in use and microscopes purchased separately can be built into the workstation.
8. The use of stainless steel makes it easy to clean.

In today's world a computer controlled IVF workstation are predefined in the size. Location of the crater in the ZP, documents various parameters, and automatically transfer the data to a spread sheet or to the patient's records.

Every Normal Diagnostics IVF Workstation should include Vertical Laminar Flow, Integrated Warming Plate, Mounting Assembly for One Microscope, Stereomicroscope Installation, External Water Circulator and Heater, Hoses, Tubing, and Clamps, Silent Operation (less than 55db), HEPA Air Filtration, Electrical Receptacle Integrated to Back Plane, Floor Stands (available in 30"and 36" heights) and Expert On-site Installation.
These Workstations are dedicated to IVF and ART techniques. The idea is to achieve the best possible environment for the gametes and embryos during the various procedures and low noise level in the Workstation for your comfort.

To design, built and setting up complete world class IVF center or lab is important turnkey project and you need an expert to take care of it. You need Specialist of IVF lab design.

Shivani Scientific Industries is one such highly focused company for In-Vitro Fertilization clinic or laboratory setup worldwide. Today with their expertise in the field of IVF IUI ART ICSI lab or clinics they are in commanding potion to offer single stop complete solution for total IVF lab set up, IVF lab equipments and service products to reproductive / infertility professionals worldwide.

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