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Advanced science and technology is a boon in the medical field. Major changes and inventions in medicines and surgical instruments have really ensured that people don’t succumb to deadly diseases any more. One of the latest features in the healthcare sector is robotic surgery.Robotic Surgery is fast gaining ground all over the world as the preferred mode of surgery. Any kind of problem be it cardiac related problems, kidney or urological diseases; Robotic surgery has become an answer to all complicated surgeries in present time.
Robotic Surgery is one way of performing a Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS), or Laparoscopic surgery. This reduces the trauma to the patient by allowing surgery to be performed through ports or ‘keyholes’ rather than a single large incision. This in turn translates into reduced blood loss, shorter hospitalization, reduced risk of incontinence, impotence or other complications and quicker return to normal activities. Due to these factors, this surgery is cosmetically preferable.
By integrating advanced computer-enhanced technology with the surgeon’s expertise, robotic surgery enables surgeons to perform extremely delicate and precise surgery. It is developed such that it overcomes limitations of minimally invasive surgery i.e. instead of directly moving the instruments the surgeon uses a computer console to manipulate the instruments attached to multiple robot arms. The tips of the robotic arms behave like human wrists and allow surgeons to do complex surgeries through tiny holes. The camera arm of the robot allows surgeons to see inside the body in 3D. The image of the internal organs — magnified up to 10 times in high definition — shows up on a screen at the surgeon's console. Using hand and foot controls, the surgeon directs the robotic arms with the surgical tools to perform the required procedure. The camera acts as the eyes, while the instruments act as the arms of the surgeon. This surgery is very precise, the incisions are tiny, there is little trauma and the patient can return home in a day or two. The most noteworthy benefit of Robotic Surgery to the patient is the decrease in pain and scaring.
Robotic Surgery in India is gaining lot of popularity internationally due to the economically viable surgery performed with world class medical amenities and best results. These factors help to attract thousands of international patients from all across the globe for various medical treatments performed with the help of robotic surgery.
All the Best Hospitals in India have adopted this treatment & hence are providing extensive sessions to train their surgeons to perform simple to complex surgical procedures using the most advanced robotic systems. With comprehensive training programs and rigorous training standards, Robotic Surgery programme will redefine standards of medical care. Indian hospitals with the help of robotic surgery definitely have the potential to provide patients with clinical outcomes equal to or better than conventional surgery. Major procedures such as removal of tumours, heart surgery and gynaecological surgery that would traditionally require the scalpel to make large and deep cuts in the body and consequent blood loss are now being done with robotic arms.

Article By: jenifer smith

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