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Your mind and body work together in many subtle ways. Inevitably your mind has a huge impact upon your health, and you can direct your mind to think in a way that promotes good health and also improves the effect of medical treatment or surgical procedures.

Why is it that time and again medical research shows that so many patients come unstuck in their attitude towards treatment? This happens in many arenas, be it surgery or in the taking of medications. The bottom line is that many patients worry that "it" won't work, no matter what the particular treatment is. Their own attitude is in danger in getting in the way of a successful treatment outcome.

It is important to also acknowledge that at the same time, medical research also shows that a more positive patient will also almost always gain better results. In fact, in medical trials you frequently see an average of 30 percent of placebo patients responding positively. (I.e. these patients have responded positively without even being given the real treatment; they merely think that they have done so.)

To overlook the power of one's own mind is a grave oversight indeed. To do so in matters of your own health is, dare I say it, plain daft! We are each majorly responsible for our own health. Yes, your doctor, MD, surgeon and medical personnel in general are there to help, inform, treat, guide and assist. But it is up to each of us as patients to approach any treatment with the most positive mindset possible.

This is the case whether we are seeking a cure or when thinking in terms of preventative medicine. There are many ways in which we can put ourselves in a position to be more likely to enjoy good health. We all know the benefits of subscribing to a healthy diet, fresh air and exercise. A life of moderation is prescribed to all as a recipe for good health.

Less people consider the effect of their mental attitude upon their health, and yet clearly your mind and body are intrinsically linked and each impact upon the other every moment of every day. Most of us are aware of the effect of stress upon health and well-being, but many choose to ignore it. It's all too easy to have an "I'll worry about that if it happens" attitude.

There is much you can do to promote good health and well being simply by changing your attitude and focus. There is an equal amount of good that you can achieve when applying your mind positively to actual medical treatment or surgery. The health benefits of having a calm, relaxed and positive attitude are truly enormous, and should not be over looked.

Should you have trouble in shedding negativity, worries or fears hypnosis is a particularly useful tool. With hypnosis you will access your subconscious mind, the place where your automatic and instinctive thoughts are stored. Hypnosis therefore makes it easier to shed old patterns of thought and behavior and embrace a new, calm, positive and powerful attitude towards your good health in general as well as towards medical treatment or surgery.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for health.

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Article By: Roseanna Leaton

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