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The biotech industry in South Korea, which has been showing respectable growth during the past few years, is projected to witness a CAGR growth of around 35% between 2010-2013, according to our latest research report, “Asia Pacific Biotechnology Market (2008-2012)”. Fuelled by strong government support, increased international investment, and strong performance of the biomedicine sector, South Korea represents one of Asia-Pacific’s biggest biotech markets after Japan and China.

Our research indicates that the industry is now dominated by key pharmaceutical corporations and smaller venture capital supported businesses. Further, the prominent R&D fields in South Korea include genetic materials, histological technology, DNA chips, genetic therapy, and material production from genetically modified animals, which are the evolving topics for research in the biotech market presently.

Besides this, we have conducted extensive research and prudent analysis of the Asia-Pacific biotech industry. We have identified that the varying epidemiology, which is often neglected in the region and high rate of population growth & related industrialization has been driving the impressive growth of the industry in the region. Besides these basic factors, the region has also gained prominence as a leader in research and development in the field of biotechnology, which has become the base of product commercialization. In addition, the Governments of Asia-Pacific countries have also realized the potential of the biotechnology sector, and have been doing their part in promoting its growth.

Our report, “Asia Pacific Biotechnology Market (2008-2012)”, provides extensive information and data of the biotech market in the Asia-Pacific region. The report also discusses emerging trends, such as contract research and manufacturing, bioinformatics, generics market, etc. Additionally, it has covered the upcoming segment of biobetters, which is the next big thing in the field of biotechnology.

The report further presents valuable information to the pharmaceutical & biotechnology companies and investors, planning to enter these markets and will help them to devise strategies in accordance to the individual markets. The report also contains a detailed analysis and statistics of the market size, growth, share, segmentation, geographic distribution, trends in technology development, and profiling of key players of each country.

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Article By: Shushmul Maheshwari

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