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Hypnosis provides an easy way in which to relax and to change your expectations. With hypnosis you can overcome fear of surgery and instead promote a better surgical experience and swifter recovery.

There are few people who do not feel a few nervous twinges when contemplating surgery, be it extensive or minimally invasive. The thought of having a routine blood test or vaccination can be enough to set many patients teeth on edge, let alone being subjected to anesthetic and a surgeon’s knife.

It's not something that most of us undergo on a regular basis and so you don't get an opportunity to get used to it either. Each person inevitably develops his or her own coping strategy, usually by default. Some people opt to become well informed and even go to the extent of watching the relevant surgical procedure being performed via a U-tube link. Others choose to turn a blind eye and simply turn up on the day and hope for the best.

What is undeniable is that the more positive and relaxed you are as a patient the more smoothly your surgical experience will transpire. This is a really important scientific fact to appreciate as it means you will feel a whole lot better throughout the entire procedure and recover more quickly too. It also makes the surgeon's job easier.

Common sense tells us that this should indeed be the case. There's also been a lot of medical research carried out in this area that supports this phenomenon. Hypnosis in particular has in fact been shown to produce great results, with patients experiencing benefits in terms of overcoming fears, a swifter operating time, a smoother surgical experience, lowered dosages of pain medication, less time spent in hospital beds and a quicker and better recovery afterwards.

Now I'm not advocating hypnosis as an alternative to other medication. Rather, I'm just saying that hypnosis has been proven to be very effective as an adjunctive or complementary surgical treatment.

You may be aware, as I am, that some patients with greater experience of hypnosis have actually used hypnosis in place of anesthesia very successfully, but the majority of people probably wouldn't opt for this more extensive application. For the purpose of this article I am not referring to this type of hypnotic use, simply it's place as a means of allowing a patient to be more relaxed and positive about their surgery.

With hypnosis you can use your imagination and suggestibility to promote relaxation, a positive expectation, easier healing and swifter return to fitness. You can even do this equally well by listening to a hypnosis recording as you can by a tailored session with a hypnotherapist. Medical research does also support this fact.

Roseanna Leaton, specialist in hypnosis downloads for health, designed to assist with a patient's attitude towards surgery.

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Article By: Roseanna Leaton

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