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Medical specialties are among the most highly paid professions in the USA. Why so? To become a doctor (any doctor) one has to spend a lot of time, money and efforts. In addition to this, you have to possess certain skills, and of course talent. It's been never easy, to study medicine. That's why doctors are awarded with high salaries. Let's look into best paying jobs within the field of medicine.

1.     Surgeons - $225,390

Surgeons are actually physicians who treat various disorders, injuries and traumas by invasive surgical methods. To become a surgeon, you will have to spend from 9 to 15 years for education. Still, the salary is really great.

2.     Anesthesiologists - $220,100
Anesthesiologist salary is second on our list because of long and exhausting education and demand for these professionals. Your education will last about 12 years. You have to become MD first, and only then you can choose anesthesiology residency. If you are attracted by anesthesiologist salary, then be ready to work hard.

3.     Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon - $214,120

Very popular profession nowadays. These healthcare specialists perform surgery on hard and soft tissues, improve function or appearance using surgical and related procedures. To become an oral surgeon you have to become licensed as a dentist first, and only then specialize in oral surgery. So after getting a degree in dentistry you will have to spend 4-6 years more to learn oral and maxillofacial surgery.

4.     Obstetricians and Gynecologists - $210,340

Obstetricians and gynecologists are physicians who deal with pregnancy, childbirth, functioning of reproductive system. They diagnose, treat and help to prevent women diseases that affect childbirth functions. Acquiring this profession requires 12-15 years of education (first general medical education, then specific).

5.     Orthodontists - $200,290

Orthodontists are dentists with some specific tasks. They deal with teeth and jaws abnormalities. They design and fabricate appliances to straighten teeth and improve patient's bite. To become orthodontist, you have to become a licensed dentist first, and only then specialize in orthodontics which will take you additional 2-3 years of education.

These are 5 top paying medical specialties. As for next five jobs on the list, they are:

6.     Internists - $189,480
7.     Family and General Practitioners - $173,860
8.     Psychiatrists - $167,610
9.     Pediatricians - $165,720
10.     Dentists - $162,190

All numbers are taken from the US Bureau of Labor Statistics and reflect data of May, 2010.

Article By: Helen Stankovich

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