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India has achieved a prominent place in the health and medical industry of the world. Having some of the best hospitals in the world, it is fast becoming the favored destination for medical tourism. Patients from countries where treatment is either unavailable, available at a very high cost or is available after a long waiting period, choose to get their treatment done in India.

India, in the recent years has seen a spurt of super-specialty hospitals that cater to patients for specific ailments. These include cardiac surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurological surgery and all other types of medical problems. These hospitals are equipped with the latest machinery and equipment to handle such complex procedures. In addition, the hospitals provide customized treatment and medical care under the aegis of trained and skilled surgeons and doctors.

The provision of affordable treatment is what makes the Best Hospitals in India the most favored destinations to get treatment. These hospitals besides having the best machinery, equipments and doctors have the mantra of Indian hospitality which is famous all over the world. While patients in some countries do not receive the said treatment in their native countries due to long waiting lists, they are welcomed in Indian hospitals and offered the best medical care under the supervision of highly trained and experienced doctors.

The medical services offered by the top hospitals of India are comparable to the best hospitals in the world. Having achieved the JCI and ISO certifications for their high standards of care and hygiene, the Indian hospitals offer superior medical and healthcare facilities. The facilities offered at these hospitals include diagnostic as well as curative care. Right from all types of pathological and medical tests, the Indian hospitals are equipped to handle difficult and complex surgeries with as much precision as is required and is carried over, at other well-known hospitals of the world.


The emergence, evolution and growth of the super specialty hospitals in India, has given a new impetus to medical tourism. A term which existed only for the developed countries is now being used for India as well. The medical tourism industry of India is growing at a fast pace and several companies have sprung up to provide consultancy services. These medical providers work in association with the best hospitals of India and take care of all aspects related to medical tourism. From making travel arrangements to finding a doctor or from making accommodation arrangements to fixing an appointment, the medical providers take care of all issues, making it easier for patients from other countries to get specialized medical treatment in India.

Dheeraj Bhojwani consultants’ is one of the pioneer companies in the medical tourism industry. The company has been in operation since long which indicates its experience and association with the Best hospitals in India. The company offers different packages as per the convenience of the patients. These packages include the cost of travel, accommodation, the medical treatment and other miscellaneous expenses. The company also offers recuperative packages for patients who wish to visit the several places of tourist interest in India, if permitted.

Article By: jenifer smith

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karanFriday, October 23, 2020

you provided really good information about different medical condition. it is really good. thank you for providing it.

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