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The most up-to-date and most groundbreaking technology in the medical field is CAS, Computer Assisted Surgery. For the development of robotic surgery, CAS has been a lead in factor. The surgical concept involving the use of technology is known as computer Assisted Surgery. This computer assisted procedure has become an ideal solution to the drawbacks of traditional surgery including pain, scarring, blood loss etc.

How does CAS work?

Computer assisted surgery is the combination of the precision of computer technology and the expertise of a surgeon. The advanced technologies such as 3D imaging, real time sensing help to plan and execute surgical procedures. The surgeon can make use of a 3D computer imaging system that provides the 3D model of theoperative field. Since the surgeon can watch the mechanics and anatomy of the patient, he can able to make precise surgical cuts. Such availability of real-time data helps the surgeon to complete the surgery successfully.

CAS is used in various surgical procedures including orthopedic surgery, visceral surgery, neurosurgery, ENT surgery, radiosurgery etc.

What are Benefits of Computer assisted Surgery?

Computer assisted surgeries reduces the difficulties and risks associated with the surgical procedure as it creates a virtual 3D model of the operative field that allows a more accurate preoperative diagnostics. Thus, the surgeon can able to do the surgery in a preoperative virtual environment, Thus, it enhances the accuracy of the surgical procedure and decrease the surgical morbidity. Computer assisted surgery also speeds up the recovery process thereby reduces the duration of hospital stay. The real time data that offered by CAS can lend a hand to the surgeon to plan, execute and follow up of the surgery.  This  improves the ergonomy in the operating theatre thereby reduces the risk of any complications during and after surgery to a great extent.


Medical tourism has become an ever growing industry in India as India gives the same quality services delivered in the the premier hospitals in the developed countries at an affordable cost. Computer Assisted Surgery India has been attracting attention worldwide as the computer surgery in India is properly planned and performed by expert surgeons. Apart from the state of the art facilities, expert surgeons who have massive experience both in India and abroad, the cost and other associated charges of computer assisted surgeries in India are economical compared to that of developed countries.

India has emerged as a top hot spot as medical technology.  Apart from having a wide variety of low cost medical treatments,  standards in Indian hospitals have improved drastically and at par with American and European countries. Best Hospitals India offers computer aided surgeries wide spread at a larger scale. Many international patients have been benefited by the Indian health care providers. In order to get the best service, it is important to look for a accredited medical tourism facilitator .The medical tourism provider should have a great network with leading accredited hospitals in India.

Medical consultants like Dheeraj Bhojwani make the medical journey hassle free by providing top class medical facilities at affordable costs.

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