Diseases and Conditions Blood Pressure Anxiety Is More Common In Women Than Men

Women's brains are hard-wired to be more sensitive to anxiety signals than are men's. They also find it harder to control and suppress anxiety symptoms.

Research has shown that females are more prone to anxiety than men. Studies indicate that women are twice as likely to suffer from anxiety and that they have far more stress triggers than do men.

Women it seems have on average four times more anxiety triggers than men. Through experience we learn to anticipate danger and store "danger triggers" in our subconscious mind. Thereafter, whenever one of these signals is encountered the brain automatically responds with the symptoms of fear.

Research shows that females are not as able to suppress these feelings of fear as are men. Thus women have more anxiety triggers than men and they are less able to suppress these feelings than are men.

This differential between anxiety responses in men and women is not caused by current life experience. Rather it is the result of evolutionary hard wiring based upon advantageous traits many moons ago. Women's brains are hard-wired to be more sensitive to danger and to respond to it differently to men.

The fact that dangers have changed over hundreds of years doesn't alter the brains sensitivity to threatening stimuli. The type of threat may well have changed, but the brains response is just as vigilant as it releases a cocktail of chemicals in preparation to deal with imminent danger.

Through evolution it would appear that men have learned to more easily suppress this response to anticipated danger. They have found ways in which to control this chemical outpouring and suppress their anxiety state more often than do women.

What women can learn from this is that it is possible to suppress anxiety states. Yes, our brains are more finely attuned to danger and threat. Yes, these chemical reactions are real. BUT, we can learn ways in which to control them more effectively. Men have achieved this over many generations as an adaptive trait. Women have to work a little harder to control their anxiety, but it is possible.

There are many relaxation techniques that can be of great benefit. There is one however that stands out as being especially useful and this is hypnosis. Hypnosis in itself is a state of relaxation that at the same time provides access to your subconscious mind. This is the part of your mind where experiences, beliefs, automatic reactions and behaviors are stored.

You can no doubt see the benefit of being able to access your subconscious mind and make suggestions to alter your sensitivity to certain learned anxiety triggers. Thus not only is hypnosis in itself useful in that it relaxes your mind and body, you can also use hypnosis to desensitize yourself to unnecessary fear triggers.

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Article By: Roseanna Leaton

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MeganMonday, September 29, 2014

so its true that women get anxiety a lot more than men do. but in some situations men do get it too. It's just that men and women have different kinds of brains and emoutions .

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