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Why do we ingest poisons to strengthen our body?
A Canadian class-action lawsuit has been launched against Pfizer Inc. alleging that its arthritis drug Celebrex caused cardiovascular side effects, the law firm launching the suit said Friday."Merchant Law Group included Pfizer's Bextra in its suit and also named Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany's largest pharmaceutical firm, for its Mobicox, in the same class of drugs.

So why do we put these pills into our body? Why do we continue to take the pills until they are proven horribly awful for our health, and then we take the next, newest pill?

Is it possible that the solutions to our health issues may go beyond the answers that are available in a simple bottle?

Isnít our body supposed to be natureís ultimate machine?

Arenít we supposed to have the power to overcome every illness?

Our immune system consumes thousands of deadly cancer cells every day and our intelligent nervous system eloquently processes trillions of internal activities per microsecond.

Arenít we the masters of our domain, and the creators of our own destiny? Then why canít we defeat simple joint and muscle pain on our own, without powerful and dangerous pills?

The answer is simple: we can. We can overcome the same pains and the same health issues that we instead revert to consuming toxic pills for every day to combat: we simply have to discover the natural source of our redemption.

A pure body is what will create pure health. Creating a pure body is an art form. At the centre of the art are simple exercises that balance and flex the incredible body we live in to reduce internal physical blockages to the efficiency of our incredible internal machine. On top of this are key healing arts and dieting strategies that will convert even the sickest body, even the body close to death, into a pure and healthy body.

Both Yoga, Pilates, and other health programs touch on the balancing and flexing exercises that can eliminate arthritis and wipe out its pain: blending the most powerful of these stretches into an effective home routine, a routine that can be accomplished in only moments every day.

The choice in regards to your health is the same as every choice in life. Every choice you make in life will either give you power or take power away from you. You should make the choice to regain your personal power and your power over your health: You should take steps to discover the incredible resources you have within, and the simple steps that you can take to re-open these resources for a healthier body today.

About the Author:

Dr. Bryan Brodeur is the owner of the health web site VitalityHouse, and the author of the fitness e-book, Vitalism.

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Article By: Dr. Bryan Brodeur

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