• Corona Discharge Radiofrequency (CDR) for Pain Relief

    By Dr. Sunita Khatri

    pain has been defined as "an unpleasant sensory and emotional experience associated with actual or potential tissue damage, or described in terms of such damage."  Read..

  • 8 Pain Relievers You'll Never Hear About From Your Doctor

    By Jesse Cannone

    Most pain relief medications, including over the counter pills widely available on your local grocery store shelves, have dangerous side effects. But doing nothing when you're in pain isn't an option for most folks.  Read..

  • Neck Pain? 5 Surprising Ways to Heal the Hurt

    By Jesse Cannone

    You've tried everything to get rid of your neck pain: physical therapy, cortisone shots, prescription pain pills -- you name it, you've done it. So why does your neck still feel like it's stuck in a vise that's being turned tighter and tighter?  Read..

  • Aquatic Physiotherapy

    By Moneera Mellick

    The healing effect of water is not a new notion. For centuries – ancient civilisations including the Greeks, Romans, Egyptians bathed in even older waters to cleanse their bodies of troubling ailments. While these days our muscles seem somewhat less defined, with the aid of a more modest wardrobe, one thing remains unchanged. Those two hydrogen atoms married with oxygen make for a lifesaving combination  Read..

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  • Help To Calm Yourself And Feel Less Anxious

    By Roseanna Leaton

    Even the most laidback person knows what it feels like when you are anxious. Your heard beats faster, breathing comes more quickly and you feel wound up in many different physical and emotional ways.  Read..

  • Help To Lower Your Blood Pressure

    By Roseanna Leaton

    Most people accept that as they get older there is likelihood that their blood pressure could become a little higher and that the usual treatment is to take the relevant medication prescribed by their GP. This provides an easy and effective solution.  Read..

  • Help To Control Your Emotions

    By Roseanna Leaton

    Emotional control is something that is all too frequently ignored. Far too many people believe that they are stuck with their uncontrolled emotional responses to situations. Some golfers throw clubs on the course and justify their actions in the belief that they cannot help that they care so much. Other people rant and rave at their colleagues or spouse. Some smash their fists into walls or through their computer screens. You get the picture I'm sure.  Read..

  • Help To Stop Feeling Anxious

    By Roseanna Leaton

    Anxiety is an unpleasant emotion to experience even for a short period of time. Most people experience anxiety in relation to certain obvious triggers. Others however suffer from a seemingly constant undercurrent of anxiety. In extreme cases you can feel that you are constantly tossed around upon stormy waves of strong and intense anxiety.  Read..

  • Explore Generic Crestor, Reduce Cardiac Threatens

    By Dr.Jessica Willams

    Our body cholesterol sometimes gets enhanced due to various reasons. Mostly the modern day life style, unmanaged routines and the intake of large number of saturated diets help our body to generate more cholesterol. Though this has been accepted as a beneficial body ingredient and has been detected in performing all the body favored mechanisms but the unusual growth starts to hamper our body by developing adverse impacts on our cardiac system.  Read..

  • Anxiety Is More Common In Women Than Men

    By Roseanna Leaton

    Women's brains are hard-wired to be more sensitive to anxiety signals than are men's. They also find it harder to control and suppress anxiety symptoms.  Read..

  • Treat Your High Blood Pressure Efficiently Before This Has Become The Bane Of Your Life, Find Out The Significant Remedy

    By Jessica Willams

    The constant high degree value of blood pressure measure can be a health constraint for us and may develop various serious health issues in forms of cardiovascular diseases or myocardial infarctions. So this health tendency needs constant medical supervision and should be kept in control by applying the proper medical solution. As there are many potential remedies are available in market so you should carry out your complete health assessment before availing the prescription for yourself.  Read..

  • Replace Bad Cholesterol With Good Cholesterol In Your Body With Crestor

    By Dr.Jessica Willams

    One of the first step an individual takes up when he gets to know about his increased cholesterol levels in the body is adapting a healthy and controlled lifestyle. This way he would be able to ward the immediate effects of the problem. Diet and exercise are few of the first steps that a a doctor asks the patient to follow. However, when no result is seen in the level of cholesterol, then statin medications such as Generic Crestor are recommended by the doctors.  Read..

  • Metoprolol, The Medication For Relieving You From Hypertension

    By Dr.Jessica Willams

    A healthy blood pressure level is required to be maintained for a medically fit body condition. A variation in this concerned parameter can increase the chances of various health dysfunctions. These infectious developments can be fatal when these start to disturb our heart functions in various ways and develop the cardiovascular disorders. Therefore this should be controlled at the primary stage before the roots of this disorder have developed malfunctions in the whole body.  Read..

  • Caressing Is Comforting

    By Roseanna Leaton

    Whether its making love or just a simple hug a human touch has a very soothing effect on the psyche. In fact, for touch to be comforting it does not even always have to be human.  Read..

  • High Blood Pressure and Eating to a Healthier You

    By Frank A. Evans, Jr.

    Are you considered to have high blood presure? if you are what can you eat and still make you satisfied?what kinds of food should you eat and help you with your condition!!!!  Read..

  • How To Lower High Blood Pressure and Help Relieve Stress on Your GP

    By Roseanna Leaton

    There is a natural link between relaxation and the lowering of blood pressure.It follows that if you think that your blood pressure is higher than it should be, one of the ways in which you can earn to help yourself is by learning the art of relaxation.  Read..

  • What is high blood pressure?

    By Dwight Makoff, M.D.

    High blood pressure or hypertension means high pressure (tension) in the arteries. The arteries are the vessels that carry blood from the pumping heart to all of the tissues and organs of the body.  Read..

  • What is low blood pressure?

    By Dennis Lee, MD

    Blood pressure is the pressure of blood within the arteries of the body. Blood pressure is the driving force that causes blood to flow through the body from the arteries (where the pressure is high), through organs, and into the veins (where the pressure is low).  Read..

  • How does the body maintain normal blood pressure?

    By Dennis Lee, MD

    The body has mechanisms to alter or maintain blood pressure and the flow of blood. There are sensors in the walls of the arteries and heart that sense blood pressure.  Read..

  • How Is High Blood Pressure Treated?

    By Elizabeth Scherer

    The options. You can treat your high blood pressure by making healthy lifestyle changes, taking medicine, or a combination of both.  Read..

  • How to Prevent High Blood Pressure?

    By National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute

    Everyone regardless of race, age, sex, or heredity -- can help lower their chances of developing high blood pressure. Here's how:  Read..

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  • Vital Information You Should Know About a Broken Toe

    By Marz Hardy

    Although most people try to avoid foot trauma such as banging, stubbing, or dropping heavy objects on their feet, the unfortunate fact is that it is a common occurrence. Given the fact that toes are positioned in front of the feet, they typically sustain the brunt of such trauma.  Read..

  • Spine Surgery India – Are the hospitals accredited for this surgery?

    By jenifer gupta

    The medical sector in India has seen a great deal of growth over the past decade. This has allowed for increased access to top class medical facilities, largely due to development of hospitals. India now has a large number of medical health professionals that have the expertise and experience in successfully conducting critical surgeries, including spine surgeries. With the availability of modern equipment latest surgical procedures are now conducted in most hospitals. These factors have all contributed to increasing popularity of India as a medical care destination.  Read..

  • Knee Replacement Facts, Symptoms, Treatment.

    By MediAngels

    Knee replacement is surgery for people with severe knee damage. Knee replacement, or knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure in which the diseased surface of the knee is replaced by artificial materials.  Read..

  • herbal Approach Of ritis, Joint Ache ,Spondylitis, Fibromyalgia, Muscular Pain

    By Dr John Anne

    Arthritis is one of the most common chronic diseases in the world. According to Ayurveda arthritis is primarily a vata (air) disease which is due to accumulation of toxins in the joints and is known as amavata.This can be caused by poor digestion and a weakened colon, resulting in the accumulation of undigested food and the buildup of waste matter. Poor digestion allows toxins to accumulate in the body, and problems with the colon allow the toxins to reach the joints.  Read..

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  • Robotic Surgery for Prostatectomy - A great Success

    By Bhargav Joshi

    Can anyone ever imagine going for a major surgery where smallest incisions are made, which is less scarring, and the return to normal life activities is much faster than expected? Well Da Vinci robotic surgery is an answer to all these questions.  Read..

  • Get all the Information about Prostate Cancer Treatment

    By Bhargav Joshi

    Prostate cancer impacts the prostate gland once cancer cells initiate to raise and grow, circulating to other parts of the body. The prostate gland is situated in the male reproductive system. The gland itself is covered around the urethra, which can frequently conduct to bladder-related symptoms.  Read..

  • The Limited World of Illness: Why Coping Mechanisms Are Important

    By Laurie Miller, CCH

    In April 2012, I had surgery for a brain tumor. At first my efforts were focused on managing life, not necessarily living it.  Read..

  • Uterine tumours, now controlled by the morning after pill

    By Adelisa Neumark

    Contraceptive accidents are something that no couple has complete control over. Even via the use of reliable daily contraceptives, there are chances that your daily pill may fail to provide you with protection. If you have used a condom as a contraceptive, there are chances that a condom slip or tear may occur, increasing your risk of conceiving. Such accidents have led to the discovery of contraceptive methods that can help you evade the risk of pregnancy under the circumstances. These contraceptive methods are called emergency contraception or the morning after pills, which like any other hormonal contraceptive consists of synthetic hormones.  Read..

  • How To Manage When A Health Crisis Hits!

    By Laurie Miller, CCH

    This was my thought last April 2012 when I was diagnosed with a 3 centimeter tumor in the left occipital region of my brain. What happened to simple illnesses like a cold, or if that wasn't getting my attention how about a less life threatening illness? Of course those questions can't be answered, so I made a decision. I would do the best I could and use all the tools available to me (medical and other wise) to manage this crisis, learn from it, grow with the experience and free myself from it! This is the first of several articles that will outline the process of healing and understanding how to make the best out of a health crisis.  Read..

  • Help To Overcome Fears About Surgery And To Recover Quickly Afterwards

    By Roseanna Leaton

    It is rare to discover a patient who really looks forward to surgery without having a few fears trying to hide themselves in the back of his or her mind. Some manage to keep those fears well hidden but others find this task a little more difficult to achieve.  Read..

  • The healing power of the golden spice Curcumin

    By Nalin Siriwardhana, PhD. and Amanda Fields

    Nalin Siriwardhana, PhD, interviewed Professor Bharat B Aggarwal from the University of Texas M. D. Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas.  Read..

  • Hypnosis Speeds Up Recovery From Cancer Operations

    By Roseanna Leaton

    An article published in The Daily Mail on June 14th, 2011 caught my eye. It was entitled "Hypnotism 'speeds up cancer op recovery'." This article went on to discuss the positive results of some recent research conducted by a group of Belgium anesthetists with patients who were undergoing breast cancer surgery.  Read..

  • Not4, a novel positive regulator of the JAK/STAT pathway

    By winer

    Though JAK/STAT signaling pathway play an important role in many regulation process, the pathway has been well conserved during evolution from flies to humans. Just as is reported in existing studies, the human JAK/STAT transduces various pro-proliferation and anti-apoptotic signals from numerous hematopoietic cytokines and growth factors, and at last leads to corresponding changes in target gene expression. Under the stimulation from the external environment and regulation by the cell itself, consequent disorder of the JAK/STAT pathway will be followed by several pathological conditions, including cancer; myeloproliferative neoplasms; serious immune deficiencies, such as severe combined immune deficiency; allergies; and autoimmunity diseases. Thus, some agents, Tasocitinib and INCB018424, have been used in the treatment of diseases above.  Read..


    By Dr.keng

    Within the poster, I just wished to speak about more details about the final results the particular PI3K self-consciousness triggered in breast cancer tissues while current investigation content articles introduced. I'd personally also post your research results,including try things out information pictures, to verify individuals conclusion. Scientists examined service of various receptors tyroine kinases which include Fulfilled, PDGFR, IGF-1R, HER2, along with HER3 soon after making use of BEZ235 for you to slow down PI3K signaling pahtway. Along with researchers verified evident surge in Your ex family throughout cancers of the breast cell traces which include BT474 tissue as well as MCF-HER2 cells. Some other phosphorylation associated with RTK may also increase following PI3K self-consciousness.  Read..


    By Dr.keng

    Within the poster, I just wished to speak about more details about the final results the particular PI3K self-consciousness triggered in breast cancer tissues while current investigation content articles introduced. I'd personally also post your research results,including try things out information pictures, to verify individuals conclusion. Scientists examined service of various receptors tyroine kinases which include Fulfilled, PDGFR, IGF-1R, HER2, along with HER3 soon after making use of BEZ235 for you to slow down PI3K signaling pahtway. Along with researchers verified evident surge in Your ex family throughout cancers of the breast cell traces which include BT474 tissue as well as MCF-HER2 cells. Some other phosphorylation associated with RTK may also increase following PI3K self-consciousness.  Read..

  • How long will i live with mesothelioma?

    By Gen Mer

    Mesothelioma (From greek, Meso=Middle and Thelio=Tunic, Clothing), is a malignant tumor of the serous membranes of the body. This membranes serve as lining between external and internal parts of the body  Read..

  • New Alternative Treatments & Good Nutrition Help Mesothelioma Patients

    By Allan Marrero

    Individuals who are affected by asbestos-related illnesses such as mesothelioma and asbestosis are not only limited to conventional treatments such as symptom relief medications and surgery.  Read..

  • What are Mesothelioma Cancers?

    By Kirsten Hawkins

    What are Mesothelioma Cancers?
    Mesothelioma cancers are the cancers that spread in the mesothelium tissues. Mesothelium in general is the name of tissue that forms lining of different body organs such as heart, lungs, abdomen and reproductive organs. The lining around abdominal organs is known as peritoneal membrane. Lining around lungs is called pleural membrane while the lining around heart is called pericardium.  Read..

  • Prostate Cancer Treatment

    By Richard Romando

    Prostate cancer is a complex heterogeneous disease that acts differently in different men. Therefore, treatment varies amongst individuals. A wide array of treatments exists for prostate cancer, which includes surgery, radiation, hormone deprivation therapy, chemotherapy, dietary changes and the use of various herbal supplements.  Read..

  • Diet For Healthy Prostate - Why Soy Is Not Just For Women

    By Rebecca Prescott

    Researchers from Canada have found that having a diet of red meat, organ meats, soft drink and bottled water increased the risk of getting prostate cancer. They compared the diets of 80 men with prostate cancer, and 334 healthy men, and the diet just described more than doubled the risk of developing prostate cancer.  Read..

  • Alternative Breakthrough Treatment for Prostate Cancer

    By Kenneth Little

    Your alternative breakthrough treatment for prostate cancer is to follow the encouraging example of John Fox. He has shown the way for baby boomers to respond proactively to the dreaded diagnosis and beat it with a combination of techniques.  Read..

  • Prostrate - How To Keep A Healthy Prostate

    By Sacha Tarkovsky

    Most men over the age of 50 are liable, according to statistics, to get prostate cancer.
    For American men, about 300,000 new cases are diagnosed each year, and some 35,000 men die of this disease annually. The numbers are increasing as well.  Read..

  • Learn the Signs and Symptoms of Lung Cancer

    By ASTRO

    This year, nearly 175,000 Americans will learn they have lung cancer. Smoking is the greatest known risk factor for lung cancer, although being exposed to second-hand smoke, radon, asbestos and other chemicals can also increase your chances of developing the disease.  Read..

  • Mesothelioma Fact - Alarming Truth

    By Kirsten Hawkins

    Lately many people have been looking for mesothelioma fact and information. The startling mesothelioma fact is that mesothelioma Cancer is a rare cancer but every year about 2,000 new cases of mesothelioma are diagnosed in the United States and this number has been continuously increasing for the past 20 years. Initially mesothelioma was recognized as a tumor of the pleura, peritoneum and pericardium.  Read..

  • Mesothelioma Cancer Basics

    By LocateADoc.com Medical Staff Writers

    Mesothelioma is rare form of cancer, affecting about 2,000 Americans a year, found in the sac-like lining around many of the body's internal organs. The most common form is pleural mesothelioma, which is cancer of the lining surrounding the lungs. This type accounts for about 60% of all cases.  Read..

  • Asbestos Cancer Disease

    By Sara Reisness

    The history of the Asbestos Cancer disease ‘Mesothelioma’ dates back to the early 1960s. The use of the silicate Asbestos can be traced back as early as World War II. However, the risks involved with Asbestos exposure were unknown at that time.  Read..

  • How Did I Get Cancer? - Asbestos!

    By Alfred J.James

    Exposure to asbestos usually occurs by breathing contaminated air in workplaces that make or use asbestos. Asbestos is also found in the air of buildings containing asbestos that are being torn down or renovated. Asbestos exposure can cause serious lung problems and cancer. This substance has been found in at least 83 of the 1,585 National Priorities List sites identified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).  Read..

  • Pomegranate juice helps fight prostate cancer

    By John von Radowitz

    A DAILY glass of pomegranate juice can hold back prostate cancer and could even prevent men dying of the disease, US scientists have discovered. Just one 8oz glass of juice per day increased the stability period of prostate cancer four-fold, scientists found.  Read..

  • Prostate Cancer Symptoms And Treatments

    By Lee Dobbins

    Prostate cancer is one of the most common type of cancer affecting 1 in every 6 males. In it‘s early stages, prostate cancer has few symptoms and many of the symptoms associated with this disease are also symptoms found in other less serious illnesses.  Read..

  • Cancer's Sweet Tooth

    By Patrick Quillin, PHD, RD, CNS

    During the last 10 years I have worked with more than 500 cancer patients as director of nutrition for Cancer Treatment Centers of America in Tulsa, Okla.  Read..

  • Stopping Cancer's Spread

    By E.J. Mundell - HealthDay Reporter

    Before local tumors can begin to spread throughout the body, they need a road on which to travel.
    Now, new research reveals how that road gets built.  Read..

  • One-Third of Cancer Deaths Could Be Avoided

    By Rita Jenkins

    Of the seven million worldwide cancer deaths reported in 2001, 35 percent were attributable to nine well-known behavioral and environmental risk factors, according to an analysis published in The Lancet.  Read..

  • An Overview Of Mesothelioma Cancers

    By Kirsten Hawkins

    Mesothelioma cancers are the cancers that spread in the mesothelium tissues. Mesothelium in general is the name of tissue that forms lining of different body organs such as heart, lungs, abdomen and reproductive organs. The lining around abdominal organs is known as peritoneal membrane. Lining around lungs is called pleural membrane while the lining around heart is called pericardium.  Read..

  • Type of Cancer

    By Karen Lavender and Warren

    Cancer is one of those words that everyone dreads. There are various types of cancer and any type of cancer is really bad news. All types of cancer are life threatening (this is what makes them so dreadful).  Read..

  • Exercise and Weight Control May Help Women Reduce Risk of Breast Cancer

    Women who exercise more and keep their weight under control may dramatically reduce their odds of developing breast cancer, a population-based study by a team of investigators at Meharry Medical College and the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center suggests.  Read..

  • Sunscreen, Skin Cancer, and UVA

    By Larry Thompson - FDA Consumer Magazine

    Sunscreen: you slather it on before you go to the beach. It keeps you from being fried to a crisp. It helps prevent your skin from getting that wrinkled, leathery look. And it protects you from the ultraviolet rays that cause skin cancer.  Read..

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  • How Benefits your life style from type 2 diabetes

    By Sumera Shehzad

    People with type 2 diabetes benefit greatly from making some easy lifestyle changes. Getting more exercise is top of the list along with making some significantc hanges in diet. Type 2 diabetes is known as a lifestyle illness that can be helpedtremendously by making healthy changes.  Read..

  • Exercise prescription for diabetics

    By Dr. Pran Rangan

    Globally, diabetes is assuming epidemic proportions. It currently affects 246 million people worldwide and is expected to affect 380 million by 2025. Each year a further 7 million develop diabetes and each year 3.8 million deaths are attributable to it. Every 10 seconds a person dies from diabetes-related cause and two people develop diabetes. We all must realize the seriousness and immensity of the disease.  Read..

  • Controlling Diabetes with Exercise New Findings

    By Hamilton Erridge " weight loss professional"

    A new study done on individuals with type II diabetes finds that a combination of aerobic exercise and resistance training may offer the best improvements of HbA1c levels. This study compared the combination exercise to both aerobic alone, resistance exercise alone, or no exercise at all. In the research study the over 250 study subjects were put on a nine-month exercise program that included either aerobic exercise alone, resistance training alone, a combination of both, or no exercise.  Read..

  • Diabetes mellitus and Artificial sweeteners

    By Afeefa syeda

    Diabetes Mellitus is a chronic metabolic disorder that prevents the body to utilize glucose completely or partially. It is characterized by raised glucose concentration in the blood and alteration in carbohydrate, protein and fat metabolism. This can be due to failure in the formation of insulin or liberation or action.  Read..

  • Introduction to Diabetes Mellitus - Diabetes 101

    By Michael Murphy

    Diabetes Mellitus (DM) is the term used to describe a group of similar disorders where affected individuals have too much glucose, or sugar, in their blood. The medical term for this is hyperglycemia. Diabetes Mellitus is often shortened to just diabetes, however this regularly causes a lot of confusion as there are many different types and causes of the disease  Read..

  • Matching Insulin Syringe to Insulin strength is crucial

    By Dr. Sunil Jain

    Insulin injected with a mismatch between Insulin syringe and Insulin concentration in vial may have disastrous results and is one of the avoidable cause of hospitalization  Read..

  • If you need Insulin, better to start early

    By web2indya

    There are few important points to remember by Insulin users. Maintaining a good personal hygiene and washing hands prior to prick is important...  Read..

  • Stress may elevate diabetes

    By web2indya

    Yoga, the age-old science that originated in India, is blessed with many benefits that are particularly helpful for people with diabetes.  Read..

  • It is not the food, But Insulin deficiency which causes Diabetes

    By Web2indya

    Food is converted to glucose & this glucose is provided to body cells with help of Insulin. Insulin is not a drug as most people think. It is a hormone produced in our pancreas. There is a continuous secretion of Insulin by pancreas from birth to death.  Read..

  • Are you an expert insulin user?

    By Web2indya

    Injecting insulin incorrectly could lead to problems in the process of fighting diabetes. Thus, knowing the correct technique is crucial for getting the best result and to avoid prick-related problems.  Read..

  • What You Can Do to Prevent Type 2 Diabetes.

    By James S Pendergraft

    Among the most alarming health issues, type 2 diabetes certainly ranks among top entries in the list. The disease has not only affected grown-up adults, but teenagers and children are also being victimized by this serious health disorder.  Read..

  • How Is Diabetes Treated?

    By Gaetane Ross

    Now a days diabetes treatment has become a common disease among people. It is caused due to mismanagement of carbohydrate metabolism inside the body.  Read..

  • Diabetes Management

    By Marlon Dirk

    Being diagnosed with diabetes usually means adjusting your daily routine and adapting a diabetes management plan. For example, depending on the type of diabetes that you have, you might have to plan your medication to fit in with your meals.  Read..

  • Diabetes Symptoms, When to See the Doctor?

    By John Mancini

    The cases of diabetes are growing in the United States today. This is due in part to our aging population as well as to our growing waistlines.  Read..

  • Could You Have Diabetes And Not Even Know It?

    By John Paul

    Almost one third of all people with diabetes don't know they have it. The symptoms seem so harmless, like symptoms of just getting older. This article goes into the different types of diabetes and some of the common symptoms of each to help you understand diabetes a little better.  Read..

  • Avandia Side Effect Lawyer: Diabetes Drug Damages Liver

    By Anna Henningsgaard

    Avandia, a compound of rosiglitazone maleate, is an oral antidiabetic agent. Avandia pills increase insulin sensitivity for patients with type 2 diabetes, or non-insulin-dependent diabetes.  Read..

  • Diabetes: What You Need to Know About This Hidden Danger?

    By Larry Denton

    Diabetes is a disease in which blood glucose levels are above normal. Most of the food we eat is turned into glucose (sugar) for our bodies to burn to create energy.  Read..

  • Childhood Obesity May Lead to Type 1 Diabetes

    By Valerian D.

    The insulin is a hormone used by the body in metabolizing carbohydrates and in regulating blood sugar (glucose) levels.  Read..

  • Living Healthy With Diabetes

    By Kimberly Advent

    Diabetes affects around 16 million Americans and about 800,000 new cases are diagnosed each year. Diabetes attacks men, women, children and the elderly. It spares no race.  Read..

  • Becoming a Diabetes Expert

    By Kimberly Advent

    I am a diabetes expert. No I’m not a doctor or a nurse. I am a mom. A mom to a 13 year old girl named Ashley who has Juvenile Diabetes.  Read..

  • So You Want to Know How to Treat Diabetes!

    By Eliu Cordova

    Believe it or not, there are two different types of diabetes. The two types of diabetes, are insulin-dependent and noninsulin-dependent.  Read..

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  • Laser Surgery for Ear Infections (OtoLAM)

    By Douglas Hoffman, MD, PhD

    I am looking for help with my four-year-old son. From the age of six months, he has had tubes in his ears for chronic ear infections and hearing impairment.  Read..

  • Middle Ear Infection

    By Rosalyn Carson-DeWitt, MD

    Middle ear infection is a term for infection and inflammation of the middle ear. The middle ear is the part of the ear behind the eardrum.  Read..

  • Treating Childhood Ear Infections

    By Deborah Olenev, C.C.H. RSHom (NA)

    Childhood ear infections is one of the most common conditions that I treat. Other frequent conditions I treat in children are asthma, allergies, skin conditions and behavioral problems. Homeopathy is such a beautiful therapeutic modality for children, because it is noninvasive, with one dose of a remedy often lasting one to many years.  Read..

  • Stop pet ear infection!

    By Jack Marinadi, Vet

    Easy to follow steps to keep dog and cat ears clean. Signs of infections, parasites and other ear conditions.  Read..

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  • 9 Simple Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

    By Tanya Turner

    Do you eyes feel tired and sore by the end of the day? Modern life puts a lot of stress on our bodies and eyes are among the first things to suffer. But it doesn't have to be this way. Learn simple things you can do for your eye health and your eyes will feel and look much better in only a few days.  Read..

  • Glaucoma

    By Arturo Moreno Perez

    Glaucoma is a disorder that manifests itself in frequent clinic visits, is produced by increased intraocular pressure and affecting more than 2% of the population of the world from between 40 and 50 years. It is not a disorder that is deve move left over because if untreated, leads to blindness.  Read..

  • Greatly improved outcomes for Keratoconus patients

    By John Andrews

    Keratoconus is a fairly uncommon non inflammatory eye condition that affects the cornea (the transparent window at the front of the eye). It causes changes within the structure of the cornea making it weaken and thin resulting in ‘cone-shaped’ bulging.  Read..

  • Watch Out for Glaucoma, the Thief of Sight

    Glaucoma is known as the silent thief of sight because in its early stages, there is no pain or any other symptoms. It can steal your vision before you even know you have the disease. In fact, more than 4 million people have glaucoma, and 2 million of them don't know it.  Read..

  • What Are Cataracts And How Do You Prevent Them?

    By J. Schipper

    As the population ages, cataracts are becoming a growing health concern.A cataract is a clouding of the eye lens to such an extent that it affects vision. The majority of cataracts develop due to the aging process, and by age 80, more than half of all Americans have them.  Read..

  • Healthy eyes linked to healthy diet and lifestyle

    By Joanna Seddon

    A healthy diet containing plenty of antioxidants and fish can reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration (AMD), says a new study from Harvard Medical School.  Read..

  • Is There a Perfect Contact Lens For Dry Eyes?

    By Steve Cogger

    Do you have dry eyes? Whether you just feel like you have dry eyes or your doctor has told you, there are contact lenses made just for you. Dry eye contact lenses vary depending on the type of dry eye.  Read..


    By Dr William Taylor - Eye Specialist

    As we all grow older, changes occur in our organ systems including our eyes. Most ocular changes associated with age are not a reflection of disease processes but can have a significant effect on vision.  Read..

  • Learn How To Clean RGP Contact Lenses The Right Way

    By Steve Cogger

    All contact lenses are not created equally, and neither are all contact lens solutions. For those who wear rigid gas permeable lenses, it is important to understand how to clean rgp contact lenses.  Read..

  • Sight for Sore Eyes: Preventing Computer Eyestrain

    By Karen Barrow

    You do it when you check your email; you do it when you surf the web. In fact, you're probably doing it right now—straining your eyes in front of the computer.  Read..

  • 10 Tips to Help Ensure Eye Health

    By Drs. Foster & Smith Educational Staff

    To best maintain your small pet's eye health, look daily for these tell-tale signs of unhealthy eyes  Read..

  • 9 Simple Ways to Keep Your Eyes Healthy

    By Tanya Turner

    Do you eyes feel tired and sore by the end of the day? Modern life puts a lot of stress on our bodies and eyes are among the first things to suffer.  Read..

  • 7 Ways To Save Your Eyesight

    By Glenn Mueller eDiets Senior Writer

    How much time do you spend in front of the computer? While eDiets members know first-hand many of the benefits that being online can provide, extensive computer work can take its toll on your eyes.  Read..

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  • Swine Flu - 6 Natural Ways To Help Yourself

    By AnnA Rushton

    Although both Obama and Gordon Brown assure us they are well prepared to deal with an outbreak of Swine Flu, I am always happier to take proactive action myself and there are some simple measures we can all take. They are not guaranteed to prevent you getting it, but they will certainly help.  Read..

  • An Easy Way to Prepare for Pandemic Flu

    By Jeremy Johnson

    Birds have had passed the flu back and forth among them selves for at least as long as humans have been sharing it among themselves. It wasn't until 1997 that the first person contracted the flu from a bird and died from it.  Read..

  • How I Treat Colds and Flu ?

    By Ward Dean, M.D.

    Colds and flu are probably the most commonly seen conditions by physicians in general or family practice.  Read..

  • Kick The Flu Out Without Taking Any Medicine And Tamiflu

    By Happy Teddy

    Every winter, there are many reasons to worry about the flu. This year we are doing the same thing, but to an even greater extent.  Read..

  • How to Protect the Mentally Challenged From Bird Flu?

    By Richard Stooker

    A bird flu pandemic is going to be a great disruption and test of humanity, but even more so to people who are mentally challenged, whether mentally retarded (MR) or who have psychiatric mental/emotional disorders.  Read..

  • Flu Vaccines: Worth the Risk?

    By Patty Smith, FHCH, DVHH, HD(RHom.), DMH, BScEd

    "In any given year, only about 20 percent of the population will get sick with the flu."
    "Health Canada now recommends the flu shot for pregnant women in their second and third trimesters."  Read..

  • Two Questions To Ask About Bird Flu Vaccines

    By John Hart

    The results of a government-funded study show that very high doses of an avian influenza vaccine, supplied by Sanofi-Aventis, are needed to produce an immune response that should guard against the virus.  Read..

  • Natural Prevention & Treatment For The Flu: What Your Doctor May Not Know

    By Dr. Loretta Lanphier

    Flu can affect 10 to 30 percent of the U.S. population each winter. The flu virus can linger in the air for as long as three hours.  Read..

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  • Managing Heart Disease The Natural Way

    By Cliff Woods

    Heart disease comprises of conditions that affect your cardiac system and include cardiac arrest, angina, and stroke. Cardiovascular disease is a condition referred to as atherosclerosis. With this condition, blood circulation is affected.  Read..

  • High Blood Pressure, Causes, and Natural Remedies

    By Cliff Woods

    As your blood circulates through the body, it presses up against the walls of the arteries. This force of pressure is referred to as blood pressure. When the pressure against the arterial walls becomes too high, these walls often become narrow or thicken and this adds an extra burden of stress on the heart.  Read..

  • How to Treat Angina Pectoris (Chest Pain)

    By John Charles

    Angina Pectoris, commonly referred to as angina, is pain in the chest occurring due to ischemia of the heart muscles following obstruction or narrowing of the coronary arteries. Ischemia is a state of the tissues of the body, which describes reduced blood supply to the part.  Read..

  • New reason for and the mechanisms of cardiac electrical instability. New defibrillation mechanism.

    By Rustam

    Abstract. The reason for development of life-threatening arrhythmias leading to sudden and total death provoked by cardiac diseases is still unclear, even though cardiologic research in this regard is being carried all over the word. A damaging of the connective insulation cover of the conductive heart path accompanied by ectopic nodes oxidation may result in life-threatening arrhythmias. Such reason for it as the cardiac electrical instability hasn’t been examined by anyone before. The connective insulation cover prevents a defibrillating electric discharge from penetrating the myocardium. Simultaneously, nobody took the conductive nervous system into account.  Read..

  • Eating Low-Fat Dairy Food May Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke

    By Folusho Afolayan

    Do you eat low fat dairy foods? You may be reducing your risk of stroke according to a recent Swedish study published in the American Heart Association’s journal, Stroke.  Read..

  • A Relief From Acid Reflux Symptoms Can Be Possible With Generic Prilosec

    By Dr.Ruby Arponeda

    Persistence burning sensation in our heart is the symptom of developing misery of acid reflux disease in our body. This disorder should not be neglected as this may develop certain fatal health ailments by its aggressive impacts in form of stomach ulcer and a damage to the esophagus etc. Therefore we should treat this disorder at the primary stage when it starts to reflect the on growing severity by creating this burning feeling in our chest, throat and esophagus areas. To avail relief from this situation the help of antacids can be taken under the proper medical supervision in order to restrict the affluent secretion of stomach acids. Though there are various options are available to be used as antacids but the proper and ideal one can only be decided by your doctor. After exploring the medical studies and clinical trials the use of Generic Prilosec has been found to come out with optimized beneficial results. Therefore if your body is continuously indicating you about the development of acid reflux diseases through heart burning then you should allow this treatment to bring necessary rectifications in your body to avail you relief.  Read..

  • Want To Shoot Out Hypertension Effectively, Generic Toprol Has The Capability

    By Dr.Ruby Arponeda

    Negligence towards certain body disorders in the initial phase can lead to various health dysfunctions and severe medical ailments, therefore need to be constantly watched and should be treated effectively in order to prevent the major worries. Among the factors that are really harmful for us but is difficult to be recognized at the primary stage, hypertensive disorder is the prime one.  Read..

  • Do The Arthritis Drugs Celebrex and Vioxx Cause Heart Attacks?

    By Dr. Bryan Brodeur

    Why do we ingest poisons to strengthen our body?
    A Canadian class-action lawsuit has been launched against Pfizer Inc. alleging that its arthritis drug Celebrex caused cardiovascular side effects, the law firm launching the suit said Friday."Merchant Law Group included Pfizer's Bextra in its suit and also named Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany's largest pharmaceutical firm, for its Mobicox, in the same class of drugs.  Read..

  • 10 Ways to Avoid a Heart Attack!

    By Paul Wilson

    A heart attack is known as a myocardial infarction. This occurs when the heart muscle is damaged or does not receive enough oxygen.  Read..

  • Understanding coronary Heart Disease and Its Effects

    Coronary heart disease (CHD) affects nearly 13 million Americans. More than 500,000 Americans die each year from CHD-related events, such as heart attacks. And many of these deaths occur in individuals who do not know they are at risk.  Read..

  • Understanding Your Heart Rate

    By Zach Bashore

    Your heart is a muscle that is located on the left side of your chest and is about the size of your fist. It sends blood thoughout your body, providing it with the proper nutrients and oxygen that it needs.  Read..

  • Heart Disease: Dealing Day-to-Day

    By Provided By: HealthCentersOnline

    The term heart disease is generally used to refer to a more specific condition called coronary artery disease (CAD), a chronic disease in which the coronary arteries gradually harden and narrow. If you have this condition, know that effective strategies exist to help control it.  Read..

  • Living With Heart Failure

    Heart failure usually cannot be cured and you will likely have to take medication for the rest of your life. It is important that you know that your symptoms may get worse over time. As your symptoms get worse, you may not be able to do many of the things that you did before you had heart failure.  Read..

  • Heart Disease and Heart Attacks: What Women Need to Know ?!

    By familydoctor.org editorial staff.

    Are women at risk?
    Women are at risk for heart disease and heart attacks, just like men. In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death among women over 65. American women are 4 to 6 times more likely to die of heart disease than of breast cancer and it kills more women over 65 than all cancers combined.  Read..

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  • Don’t let the Bed Bugs Bite!- Understanding Domestic Critters

    By Polina

    Every household will share living space with a few bugs and mites. The majority of these critters won’t harm you and aren’t anything to worry about, but there are a few which you might want to prevent setting up home, or know how to get rid of for hygiene and health reasons. Below is a brief guide to a few different kinds of domestic bugs specifying which ones you might want to get rid of, and which ones are good to stay.  Read..

  • The biology of House Dust Mites and Dust Mite Allergies

    By Maire Fox

    House Dust Mites (HDM) are a major source of allergen and found in temperate and humid areas. There is widely published data that shows how House Dust Mites avoidance can reduce exposure to allergens. This article looks at the properties of house dust mite and recommendations for reducing HDM in the home.  Read..

  • Should i be worried about lyme’s disease?

    By Gen Mer

    Before answering this very practical question, we should start explaining what is this disease. Lyme’s disease (also called Borreliosis, deriving from the name Borrelia, the Bacteria that is causing the infection), is a Zoonosis, that means, an infection that is mainly present in animals, but can harm man. The Borrelias are part of the Spirocheta family, the same family in which the Treponema Pallidum belongs (Treponema is the causing agent of Syphilis).  Read..

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  • Looking For The Super Drug To Lower Your Body Cholesterol, Choose Generic Crestor

    By Mandy J Moore

    The elevated body cholesterol may shorten your life by leading the developments of various heart diseases. Therefore the expansion of this bad body cholesterol should be restricted by imposing the actions that bear the potential to oppose this malfunction in our body structure. After the clinical researches and development works the drugs coming under the statin family have been found out in succeeding in repressing the body cholesterol level. There are many drugs exist that have been designed as the efficient patterns in order to influence our body cholesterol level by their chemical actions. But among all the medications Generic Crestor has proved as the most powerful weapon to deal with this cholesterol fluctuation.  Read..

  • Is Social Drinking Becoming a Big Issue?

    By Roseanna Leaton

    Social drinking has become acceptable in a big way.You can hear many justifications made about it being part of how business is performed, or how "it's only wine; no hard spirits", and so on.But it is clear that these familiar comments are uttered with a rather defensive demeanor.The person who is moved to be defensive also feels a little guilty.  Read..

  • 50 Ways to Love Your Liver

    1. Avoid taking unnecessary medications (Too many chemicals can harm me).
    2. Don't mix medicines without the advice of a doctor. (You could create something poisonous that could damage me badly)...  Read..

  • Coffee and tea can reduce the risk of chronic liver disease

    December 02, 2005 - A study published today in the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) journal Gastroenterology found that people at high risk for liver injury may be able to reduce their risk for developing chronic liver disease significantly by drinking more than two cups of coffee or tea daily.  Read..

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  • Skin Diseases and Natural Remedies

    By Cliff Woods

    Disorders or skin diseases consist of a wide assortment of problems and can even be a sign of some underlying illness. Because of this, it is vital to get a correct diagnosis to not only take care of the symptoms but to ensure that you are effectively as well as properly treating the condition.

  • Anti Ageing Skin Care Tips: Hiding your ageing effects

    By Maria Adli

    Increasing age needs to be cared so consciously, as one has to take proper maintenance during this age. An age of women after 40 is such a stage where she has to bear a lot of physical and mental changes. The physical changes also includes numerous alterations in the skin, as one has to bear big skin problems like dark circles under eyes, wrinkles, patchy skin, dark spots, acne and so on. Only proper care and fully fledged maintenance can help a lot for beating with these skin troubles and Anti Ageing Skin Care Tips would be the best alternate for fighting with these skin problems.  Read..

  • Acne Anxiety

    By Alice

    Acne is a common skin disorder has a profound effect on mental health, perhaps it is because we are more concerned with the beauty and skin looking bright and shiny and smooth texture.  Read..

  • Chemical Peel Treatments for Age Spots

    By Ron Grey

    Age spots, commonly referred to as liver spots, are flat spots found on sun-exposed skin particularly the hands, face, shoulders, arms and forehead. The color of these spots range from light brown to black and can appear on nearly all skin types.  Read..

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  • Hypnosis Helps You To Sleep Well And Overcome Insomnia

    By Roseanna Leaton

    When you haven't slept you simply do not feel quite right. Your energy levels are depleted and you feel like you are running on a low-grade fuel. Your body feels sluggish and your mind is equally not as sharp as you would like it to be.  Read..

  • Help To Cure Insomnia

    By Roseanna Leaton

    There's nothing worse that knowing that you are tired and yet not being able to sleep. It's more than just frustrating. It is debilitating, especially the following day when you are just not up to doing all the things that you need to do. Neither your body nor your mind are up to par.  Read..

  • Herbal Supplements commonly used for Sleep Disorder

    By Ember Logan

    Sleeping disorder may seem to be a mild problem, but it is one of the problems, which may lead to severe health issues. Problems like loss of concentration, irritation, depression, frequent illness, and accidents may arise due to poor sleeping habits.  Read..

  • Sleep Aid Medications

    By Recovery Connection

    Sleep aids are designed to be used as a short term solution to temporary insomnia. If the condition is of long term duration, a medical condition can be the underlying cause. This group of drugs actually falls under the class of drugs known as sedative/hypnotics which slow down the nervous system. There are a number of drugs used for the treatment of insomnia including antihistamines, benzodiazepines and herbal remedies. The main ingredient in over - the-counter sleep aids is an antihistamine. Often over-the-counter sleep aids will have both an antihistamine and a pain reliever such as acetaminophen and like prescription sleep aids, over-the-counter sleep aids should only be taken as a short term solution.  Read..

  • PRANAYAMA in treatment of OSA/OHS

    By Dr. Ganesh Chandra Mohapatra. MD,FCCM

    Obstructive sleep apnea(OSA) and obesity hypoventilation syndrome(OHS) are two important and dangerous disorders, occur in most peaceful portion of human life-sleep. This occurs due to partial narrowing of the upper airways during the sleep resulting decreased air entry into the lungs giving rise to further physio-pathological concequences.The most common provocating factors for these sleep related disorders(usually called as sleep-related-breathing-disorders"SRBD") is obesity and overweight and its grave concequences are translated as ischemic heart disease,stroke,diabetes melitus,psychiatric manifestations like anxiety,depression,cognitive impairment and memory dysfunctions.It is estimated that around 10 to 25 % of populations are affected by SRBD worldwide. Future risk may be increased upto 2 to 3 folds due to further changes of life style as the world advances towards more modernity  Read..

  • Sleep and Creativity

    By Kelly Williams

    When do you get your best ideas? When you're up tight, faced with a deadline and under a lot of pressure? A poll conducted by the East of England Development Agency revealed that most creativity, most new ideas, come to workers, not in the workplace, but in a more relaxing environment.  Read..

  • Sleep Disorders:Alternative Therapy

    By Tracy Shuman, MD, WebMD

    A health treatment that is not classified as standard western medical practice is referred to as "alternative." Alternative therapy encompasses a variety of disciplines that include everything from diet and exercise to mental conditioning and lifestyle changes.  Read..

  • Sleep Disorders in Children with Epilepsy: More Common than You Think

    By Jenna Martin, Senior Editor - Epilepsy.com

    Past research conducted in the field of childhood epilepsy has clearly shown a link between behavioral problems and epilepsy.  Read..

  • Sleep Apnea: A Sleeping Disorder

    By Olga Sen

    In the middle of every night, do you suddenly wake up choking and gasping for air? It can not be due to a nightmare every night.  Read..

  • Sleep Disorders: Types, Diagnosis, Risk Factors, and Prevention

    By Heather Larson, Gina Kemp, M.A., and Robert Segal, M.A., contributed to this article.

    More than 1,500 people die every year in fatigue-related crashes. Those with untreated sleep problems are at increased risk for these crashes.
    Source: National Sleep Foundation  Read..

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