• Swine Flu - 6 Natural Ways To Help Yourself

    By AnnA Rushton

    Although both Obama and Gordon Brown assure us they are well prepared to deal with an outbreak of Swine Flu, I am always happier to take proactive action myself and there are some simple measures we can all take. They are not guaranteed to prevent you getting it, but they will certainly help.  Read..

  • An Easy Way to Prepare for Pandemic Flu

    By Jeremy Johnson

    Birds have had passed the flu back and forth among them selves for at least as long as humans have been sharing it among themselves. It wasn't until 1997 that the first person contracted the flu from a bird and died from it.  Read..

  • How I Treat Colds and Flu ?

    By Ward Dean, M.D.

    Colds and flu are probably the most commonly seen conditions by physicians in general or family practice.  Read..

  • Kick The Flu Out Without Taking Any Medicine And Tamiflu

    By Happy Teddy

    Every winter, there are many reasons to worry about the flu. This year we are doing the same thing, but to an even greater extent.  Read..

  • How to Protect the Mentally Challenged From Bird Flu?

    By Richard Stooker

    A bird flu pandemic is going to be a great disruption and test of humanity, but even more so to people who are mentally challenged, whether mentally retarded (MR) or who have psychiatric mental/emotional disorders.  Read..

  • Flu Vaccines: Worth the Risk?

    By Patty Smith, FHCH, DVHH, HD(RHom.), DMH, BScEd

    "In any given year, only about 20 percent of the population will get sick with the flu."
    "Health Canada now recommends the flu shot for pregnant women in their second and third trimesters."  Read..

  • Two Questions To Ask About Bird Flu Vaccines

    By John Hart

    The results of a government-funded study show that very high doses of an avian influenza vaccine, supplied by Sanofi-Aventis, are needed to produce an immune response that should guard against the virus.  Read..

  • Natural Prevention & Treatment For The Flu: What Your Doctor May Not Know

    By Dr. Loretta Lanphier

    Flu can affect 10 to 30 percent of the U.S. population each winter. The flu virus can linger in the air for as long as three hours.  Read..

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