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  • Managing Heart Disease The Natural Way

    By Cliff Woods

    Heart disease comprises of conditions that affect your cardiac system and include cardiac arrest, angina, and stroke. Cardiovascular disease is a condition referred to as atherosclerosis. With this condition, blood circulation is affected.  Read..

  • High Blood Pressure, Causes, and Natural Remedies

    By Cliff Woods

    As your blood circulates through the body, it presses up against the walls of the arteries. This force of pressure is referred to as blood pressure. When the pressure against the arterial walls becomes too high, these walls often become narrow or thicken and this adds an extra burden of stress on the heart.  Read..

  • How to Treat Angina Pectoris (Chest Pain)

    By John Charles

    Angina Pectoris, commonly referred to as angina, is pain in the chest occurring due to ischemia of the heart muscles following obstruction or narrowing of the coronary arteries. Ischemia is a state of the tissues of the body, which describes reduced blood supply to the part.  Read..

  • New reason for and the mechanisms of cardiac electrical instability. New defibrillation mechanism.

    By Rustam

    Abstract. The reason for development of life-threatening arrhythmias leading to sudden and total death provoked by cardiac diseases is still unclear, even though cardiologic research in this regard is being carried all over the word. A damaging of the connective insulation cover of the conductive heart path accompanied by ectopic nodes oxidation may result in life-threatening arrhythmias. Such reason for it as the cardiac electrical instability hasn’t been examined by anyone before. The connective insulation cover prevents a defibrillating electric discharge from penetrating the myocardium. Simultaneously, nobody took the conductive nervous system into account.  Read..

  • Eating Low-Fat Dairy Food May Reduce Your Risk Of Stroke

    By Folusho Afolayan

    Do you eat low fat dairy foods? You may be reducing your risk of stroke according to a recent Swedish study published in the American Heart Association’s journal, Stroke.  Read..

  • A Relief From Acid Reflux Symptoms Can Be Possible With Generic Prilosec

    By Dr.Ruby Arponeda

    Persistence burning sensation in our heart is the symptom of developing misery of acid reflux disease in our body. This disorder should not be neglected as this may develop certain fatal health ailments by its aggressive impacts in form of stomach ulcer and a damage to the esophagus etc. Therefore we should treat this disorder at the primary stage when it starts to reflect the on growing severity by creating this burning feeling in our chest, throat and esophagus areas. To avail relief from this situation the help of antacids can be taken under the proper medical supervision in order to restrict the affluent secretion of stomach acids. Though there are various options are available to be used as antacids but the proper and ideal one can only be decided by your doctor. After exploring the medical studies and clinical trials the use of Generic Prilosec has been found to come out with optimized beneficial results. Therefore if your body is continuously indicating you about the development of acid reflux diseases through heart burning then you should allow this treatment to bring necessary rectifications in your body to avail you relief.  Read..

  • Want To Shoot Out Hypertension Effectively, Generic Toprol Has The Capability

    By Dr.Ruby Arponeda

    Negligence towards certain body disorders in the initial phase can lead to various health dysfunctions and severe medical ailments, therefore need to be constantly watched and should be treated effectively in order to prevent the major worries. Among the factors that are really harmful for us but is difficult to be recognized at the primary stage, hypertensive disorder is the prime one.  Read..

  • Do The Arthritis Drugs Celebrex and Vioxx Cause Heart Attacks?

    By Dr. Bryan Brodeur

    Why do we ingest poisons to strengthen our body?
    A Canadian class-action lawsuit has been launched against Pfizer Inc. alleging that its arthritis drug Celebrex caused cardiovascular side effects, the law firm launching the suit said Friday."Merchant Law Group included Pfizer's Bextra in its suit and also named Boehringer Ingelheim, Germany's largest pharmaceutical firm, for its Mobicox, in the same class of drugs.  Read..

  • 10 Ways to Avoid a Heart Attack!

    By Paul Wilson

    A heart attack is known as a myocardial infarction. This occurs when the heart muscle is damaged or does not receive enough oxygen.  Read..

  • Understanding coronary Heart Disease and Its Effects

    Coronary heart disease (CHD) affects nearly 13 million Americans. More than 500,000 Americans die each year from CHD-related events, such as heart attacks. And many of these deaths occur in individuals who do not know they are at risk.  Read..

  • Understanding Your Heart Rate

    By Zach Bashore

    Your heart is a muscle that is located on the left side of your chest and is about the size of your fist. It sends blood thoughout your body, providing it with the proper nutrients and oxygen that it needs.  Read..

  • Heart Disease: Dealing Day-to-Day

    By Provided By: HealthCentersOnline

    The term heart disease is generally used to refer to a more specific condition called coronary artery disease (CAD), a chronic disease in which the coronary arteries gradually harden and narrow. If you have this condition, know that effective strategies exist to help control it.  Read..

  • Living With Heart Failure

    Heart failure usually cannot be cured and you will likely have to take medication for the rest of your life. It is important that you know that your symptoms may get worse over time. As your symptoms get worse, you may not be able to do many of the things that you did before you had heart failure.  Read..

  • Heart Disease and Heart Attacks: What Women Need to Know ?!

    By familydoctor.org editorial staff.

    Are women at risk?
    Women are at risk for heart disease and heart attacks, just like men. In fact, heart disease is the leading cause of death among women over 65. American women are 4 to 6 times more likely to die of heart disease than of breast cancer and it kills more women over 65 than all cancers combined.  Read..

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