Diseases and Conditions Eye Health Learn How To Clean RGP Contact Lenses The Right Way

All contact lenses are not created equally, and neither are all contact lens solutions. For those who wear rigid gas permeable lenses, it is important to understand how to clean rgp contact lenses.
When you were fit with rgp contact lenses, a specific solution and care system should have been recommended for you by your eye care provider. Some common rgp solutions are Boston, Optimum, Claris, and Unique pH. While they are all different and have specific instructions, the general principle remains the same.

To clean rgp contact lenses, you will usually have two or more solutions. One is a cleaner and the other a conditioner; think of this as a shampoo and conditioner for the lens. If you only use shampoo, your hair will be clean yet dry. If you only use conditioner, your hair would be silky but dirty. Use them both and your hair will look and feel great.

The same applies to your rgp contact lens. The cleaner washes away buildup and debris that has been attracted to the lens during wear. And the conditioner puts a nice coating on the contact lens that protects it from getting dirty and keeps it comfortable.

It is suggested that the cleaner be used at nighttime. Simply put the lens in the palm of your freshly washed hands and apply a couple drops of cleaner. Using a single finger from your other hand, gently rub the lens back and forth for about 20 seconds. Avoid pressure, it is more the motion of the cleaner around the lens that gets it clean, using pressure will lead to warping and scratching the lens.

After you have cleaned both sides, rinse the cleaner off with saline or solution then coat the lens in conditioning solution. The lens can now safely be put in a case with fresh conditioning solution. Repeat for the other lens.

When you are ready to put your lenses back on in the morning they will clean and conditioned, ready to wear. Some solutions, such as Optimum and Claris, require another rinse in the morning. Otherwise, all you have to do is wash your hands and put them on.

After you have followed this regiment for a week or two, you will find it becomes second nature. RGP contacts are extremely easy to care for once you get the hang of it.

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