• Looking For The Super Drug To Lower Your Body Cholesterol, Choose Generic Crestor

    By Mandy J Moore

    The elevated body cholesterol may shorten your life by leading the developments of various heart diseases. Therefore the expansion of this bad body cholesterol should be restricted by imposing the actions that bear the potential to oppose this malfunction in our body structure. After the clinical researches and development works the drugs coming under the statin family have been found out in succeeding in repressing the body cholesterol level. There are many drugs exist that have been designed as the efficient patterns in order to influence our body cholesterol level by their chemical actions. But among all the medications Generic Crestor has proved as the most powerful weapon to deal with this cholesterol fluctuation.  Read..

  • Is Social Drinking Becoming a Big Issue?

    By Roseanna Leaton

    Social drinking has become acceptable in a big way.You can hear many justifications made about it being part of how business is performed, or how "it's only wine; no hard spirits", and so on.But it is clear that these familiar comments are uttered with a rather defensive demeanor.The person who is moved to be defensive also feels a little guilty.  Read..

  • 50 Ways to Love Your Liver

    1. Avoid taking unnecessary medications (Too many chemicals can harm me).
    2. Don't mix medicines without the advice of a doctor. (You could create something poisonous that could damage me badly)...  Read..

  • Coffee and tea can reduce the risk of chronic liver disease

    December 02, 2005 - A study published today in the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) journal Gastroenterology found that people at high risk for liver injury may be able to reduce their risk for developing chronic liver disease significantly by drinking more than two cups of coffee or tea daily.  Read..

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