Diseases and Conditions Blood Pressure Replace Bad Cholesterol With Good Cholesterol In Your Body With Crestor

One of the first step an individual takes up when he gets to know about his increased cholesterol levels in the body is adapting a healthy and controlled lifestyle. This way he would be able to ward the immediate effects of the problem. Diet and exercise are few of the first steps that a a doctor asks the patient to follow. However, when no result is seen in the level of cholesterol, then statin medications such as Generic Crestor are recommended by the doctors.

Crestor is one of the most sought after drug when it comes to lowering cholesterol levels in the body. This is due to the fact that they have been proven to lower cholesterol levels significantly and thereby reducing the chances of heart attacks and strokes from occurring. They are all over the market today from the hoardings to the T.V. ad commercial, one can see its popularity rising and that is not only due to its increased promotions and marketing but because of its effectiveness.

Inhibiting the production of enzyme HMG CoA reductase, these statins work just fine for the human body. These enzymes are present to produce bad cholesterol in the body which blocks the arteries and blood passage and thereby, clogs the passage to heart causing strokes and attacks. Statins also improve the level of HDL or good cholesterol required in the body for good health. Drugs such as crestor have antioxidant qualities, which aid in the reduction of blood clotting and inflammation. They are being prescribed increasingly today with higher dosage as they prevent cardiovascular diseases from taking place.

A lipid lowering agent crestor has come of age and now its generic form is easily available in the market at reasonably lower price. Rosuvastain is the generic name for the drug crestor and it performs the same function as its brand name drug. One of the major difference between both the drugs is of price. Brand crestor is available at a much higher price value than the generic version. The reason behind the same effect both the drugs have on any individual is owing to their same chemical formula with which they are made. Apart from the huge price difference, other minor differences are of shape, size, color and flavor.

Generic Crestor is an oral drug, which can be taken only after obtaining a prescription from a doctor. However, if someone is unable to consult a doctor in person, then he can easily avail this service through any licensed online drug stores. Online drug stores are becoming increasingly common and popular with the people across the globe as they save a lot of time and money. Services such as free home delivery and shipping are also available.

Article By: Dr.Jessica Willams

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