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Can anyone ever imagine going for a major surgery where smallest incisions are made, which is less scarring, and the return to normal life activities is much faster than expected? Well Da Vinci robotic surgery is an answer to all these questions.

Prostatectomy involves removing of prostate glands partially or completely through surgery. It’s a very common treatment for prostate cancer and it usually occurs when the male prostate gland gets abnormally enlarged resulting in a malignant tumor, as well as restricting the normal flow of urine and causing tremendous discomfort. Da Vinci Robotic Prostatectomy is an incredible breakthrough in medical technology and has taken the surgical world by storm. This surgery is highly recommended for prostatectomy, hysterectomy, and heart surgery – and there are many hospitals throughout the world opting for this surgery over traditional methods.

In today’s world Da Vinci robotic assisted surgery is gaining immense popularity to carry out complex kidney or urological surgeries. And it has been a great success throughout the world, including India. The reason being the entire recuperation post surgery has become relatively easy and less painful. Also, the outcome is better as there are very less chances of the disease to recur again. Additionally it’s a minimally invasive surgery where not more than six incisions are done in the affected area whereas in traditional surgery around 8 to 10 inches incision is done. The surgery is made through numerous small incisions in the front of the abdominal wall. This permits admittance to the prostate which is placed deep in the pelvis, under the bladder and on topmost of the pelvic floor. By these small incisions ports (or thin tubes) are implanted through which particular instruments are located. These instruments are then measured in a subtle way by the surgeon who takes a seat at a console adjacent to the operating table. As a result in robotic surgery there is far less trauma, small extent of blood loss, and very low chances of infection; thus enhancing the popularity of this surgery.

Robotic Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy

Robotic assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy is a slightly offensive form of surgery to exclude the prostate. This operation can be made as a local treatment for men with prostate cancer.

A Radical Prostatectomy is an operation to eliminate the prostate in men who have early stage prostate cancer. This operation is finest suitable to patients in whom the cancer is narrowed to the prostate preceding to spreading outside it. The method may be performed as "open" or "laparoscopic" (keyhole technique).The up-to-date innovation in the context of laparoscopic surgery is robotic assisted laparoscopic radical prostatectomy.

The prostate and influential vesicles are unconcerned to provide the best likely chance of removing the cancer. The urethra is then joined (sewn) onto the opening of the bladder.

Moreover, the robotic surgery is less expensive because the recovery process is much faster, resulting in less time spent in the hospital by patients. Though, the robotic hands are carrying out the surgery but actually it’s a well trained doctor behind the machine who is controlling the entire process. For patients to get a better outcome in their treatment, it’s essential that the surgeon is well trained in handling the robot. The robot has four arms which includes one arm to hold the camera and the other three to hold the instruments for conducting surgery. And the surgeon sits behind the console consisting of the master control that translates his/her instruction for the robot to move its arms and instruments to carry out the operation. The entire system is so well designed that the tremor can be removed easily through precise movement.

According to a survey more than 85-90% of prostate surgery is done by a robot in US and slowly the popularity is catching up in India to. There are some top-notch hospitals in India which are very well equipped with the Da Vinci robotic surgery system, like MPUH-CRS hospital in Nadiad, Gujarat (a state of India). As a matter f fact India is a much preferred destination for healthcare tourism, including robotic surgeries because of the availability of latest medical technology at a very marginal cost. Whereas in advanced countries like US or UK the cost of such type of advanced surgeries are very-very high.

To sum up it can be confidently stated that men who are suffering from prostate diseases should only opt for robotic surgery compared to the traditional surgery due to its high rate of success.

The Advantages of Robotic-Assisted Prostatectomy

Robotic-assisted surgery uses advance technology to let our surgeons to perform this elusive procedure. The robot permits the specialist to have a 3-D opinion of the medical field, at a significantly increased intensification, up to 15 times better than the human eye. Well articulating utensils, beneath the command of the surgeon, are used to exactly eradicate the prostate and reserve the nerves answerable for preserving erectile function. Because of the utilization of robotic technology, the surgery can be made by using very small incisions, significantly reducing retrieval time and blood loss. This permits for patients to coming back to their daily lives with a minimum of troublesomeness, in spite of having undergone major surgery.

In India, robotic surgery is becoming preferable over laparoscopic surgery, but the comparative cost associated with it is higher than the laparoscopic surgery. Looking towards the advantages, it is in benefit of patients and doctors as well. Hospitals are expected to spread more awareness about robotic surgery and make it preferable in patients.

Center for Robotic Surgery (CRS) is the Super Specialty Urology Hospital in India. It is an initiative of Muljibhai Patel Urological Hospital (MPUH), popularly known as 'Nadiad Kidney Hospital'. We are the first hospital in India devoted entirely to Nephrology and Urology. Many other benefits are there in Robotic Kidney Surgery. Such surgery is available at MPUH CRS.

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