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The medical sector in India has seen a great deal of growth over the past decade. This has allowed for increased access to top class medical facilities, largely due to development of hospitals. India now has a large number of medical health professionals that have the expertise and experience in successfully conducting critical surgeries, including spine surgeries. With the availability of modern equipment latest surgical procedures are now conducted in most hospitals. These factors have all contributed to increasing popularity of India as a medical care destination.

How can patients gain from choosing India as a medical tourism center?

With the growth in the number of hospitals in India, there has been an increased collaboration between the hospitals in India and United States. Many of the hospitals in India have been internationally accredited. Not only do these hospitals have the latest equipment, but the doctors also have extensive work experience in international countries such as United States and European regions. Spine surgery is a super speciality branch and India has some of the most experienced surgeons working in this field. Many of these surgeons complete their training in internationally recognised hospitals in United States and other nations. These surgeons also undergo regular training to enhance their skills and  to keep themselves abreast with the latest developments in this field.

Spine surgery India can be an excellent option because the hospitals follow the international medical standards. The hospitality, rooms, nursing care are at par with international standards and the hospitals get approval only based on these aspects. A procedure like spine surgery can be easily scheduled in hospitals in India. Patients can get immediate appointements for examination in India.  In United States patients often have to wait for weeks before they can get an appointment with the doctor of their choice. This can not only be dangerous for individuals who require immediate intervetion but it can also be  depressing. The spine surgery options in India also guarantee treatment that is entirely safe as well as private. The success rates of this surgery in India are at par with those in other countries. It is extremely easy for patients to schedule surgery. They can simply set a date and select the hospital and surgeon of their choice.

One of the biggest advantages of opting for spine surgery in Best Hospital India is that the surgery is affordable. The cost of the surgery is almost 1/5th of the cost incurred in United States or Europe. Patients can therefore save considerable about of money without compromising on the health care quality. In many cases patients opting for surgery in United States cannot afford it quite simple because the insurance is not able to cover certain surgeries. Since the surgery cost in India is quite low patients need not worry about insurance coverage.

The Dheeraj Bojwani group provides expert guidance to patients by collaborating with some of the most experienced physicians and surgeons in the country. With a large network of hospitals and trained medical health professionals available at hand, our expert consultants can arrange for travel, set up appointments and schedule surgeries so that patients can resolve their medical issues.

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