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A short history lesson of cryoshipping and vitrification process.

   In 1972 preimplantation mammalian embryos were first successfully cryopreserved. The method was very time consuming. Slow cooling was used (1 degree/min or less) to about -80 degrees Centigrade. Then the embryos were placed in liquid nitrogen.The embryos also needed to be thawed slowly and a cryoprotectant added and removed in many gradual steps. This was a lot of work.

   The first reported pregnancy in humans from frozen embryos was in 1983.Research continues in this area and human embryo freezing and thawing protocols have improved tremendously over the past 25 years.

What is the difference between slow freezing and vitrification?

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   Till now, we have received frozen embryos from many countries and successfully transferred them into surrogate mothers at Rotunda. Most of these embryos were frozen by the slow freezing process. As vitrification is becoming popular as a method of choice for freezing gametes, we have started receiving vitrified embryos from world over. Our first case of cryoshipped, vitrified blastocyst transfer has resulted in a pregnancy.

   Thus far at Deccan IVF, vitrification results are very encouraging, and we are excited to offer this cutting edge technology to our patients.For more information about vitrification, you can speak to the embryologist at our center.
   Vitrification, a cutting edge technology for cryopreservation of embryos, is now available at Deccan IVF.

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