Shockwave therapy is a new technology used to treat bone conditions such as tennis elbow, shoulder pain and many others. The technique is adopted if the patients do not respond to physiotherapy. During the therapy, sound waves of high intensity are directed to the affected tissues of the body. This leads to combined beneficial effects such as stimulation of the production of collagen fibers, elimination of persistent inflammation and dissolution of highly accumulated calcium.

Shockwave therapy is particularly recommended for a patient suffering from heel associated problems. Heel pain is often caused by a condition referred to as plantar fasciitis. This condition is common among obese people, athletes, and people who spend most of the day on their feet on hard surfaces. The beauty of the therapy is that it involves a very brief healing process - most patients can be on their feet the next day - and has very minimal complications.

When you visit a medical center for the treatment, you will be amazed at how simple the process is, and how easy, contrary to the idea of many patients who are deterred by the dramatic name of the treatment. The technique of shockwave therapy involves, in essence, the creation of inflammation at the site, which leads to more blood flow and prompts the body to send nutrients and healing cells to the area.

The use of shockwave therapy in the treatment of foot problem is very significant in helping patients to recover more quickly from a condition. It is worth noting that the therapy is associated with many benefits as compared to surgery. The procedure is cost effective and safer compared to surgery because it is non-invasive and usually no anesthesia is required. This also means that the treatment has a very brief recovery time.

However, there has been controversy about the use of shockwave therapy. Some doctors see it as merely new-age hype, pointing to studies that show no significant improvement in patients who underwent the therapy compared with those on the placebo. There is literature to support both views, with a good deal of debate raging between sides. Critics also express doubt over the fact that the mechanism by which shockwave therapy works is not precisely known, though there are a number of theories.
The fact remains that shockwave therapy, though undoubtedly in need of more study, provides relief from pain for many with foot and other problems, and does so without a lengthy recovery time. Shockwave therapy is still young and not well understood, but with more research may soon grow into its full potential.

Dr. Kevin Sunshein from Sunshein Podiatry is a board certified podiatric surgeon. Dr. Kevin Sunshein treats a wide range of podiatric needs from athletes foot to broken ankles and everything in between. Visit or call 937-435-7477

Article By: Kevin Sunshein

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