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A New Life…
Life takes a new turn when we get married. Gone are the days of being pampered by mum and dad and everyone else. Now it’s time to “grow up”, be an adult and start being more responsible than you were as a bachelor or bachelorette.
Being married is such fun. You have a partner who is willing to live life the way you are and while being married has its own do’s and don’ts and its social obligations, it is a new phase in everyone’s life and one that must be enjoyed to the fullest.
Something is not right!
Soon you are ready for a little family of your own. It is the natural progression of life and living. But, now here is the twist, you have been ready to become pregnant but unknown to you, your body has some other issues. Pregnancy is just a word that somehow does not apply to you however much you try.
But don’t be alarmed, did you know that infertility is fast becoming a norm rather than the exception? The reasons for this are many, lifestyle, food habits, stress levels etc. 
An Alternate option in Fertility Treatment
Almost many couples in the age group of 31-40 find their way to an IVF center in Punjab for IVF treatment in Punjab.
Dr. Neelu’s IVF center in Punjab is one such clinic where you get expert hand on expertise to solve all your infertility issues. They have state of the art equipment and professional staff to ensure that all your questions are answered and all your dreams are made to come true.
IVF treatment in Punjab has come a long way in the last few years. With growing demand comes better supply of products and services and this is true for the IVF clinics as well. 
What do you do?
The first thing you don’t do is… Panic! Not everybody has the same reproductive system. Maybe yours just needs that little extra something to get it back to normal.
The second thing you do is visit a super specialty IVF center in Punjab like Dr. Neelu’s Infertility clinic where you and your partner can be tested and checked for problems that are preventing pregnancy.
Go prepared. Do some reading and research so that you are not totally ignorant of what IVF involves and what are its different options. Then leave it to Dr. Neelu and her super-efficient team to find the right solution for you. 
There are many options in infertility treatments like In-Vitro or IVF, IUI and ICSI. Then there are Andrological (Male Infertility) issues that may need considering. Sometimes, in extremely rare and complicated cases, Donor Programs are also suggested as an option.
Reproductive surgeries are also given consideration if the doctor feels that the case requires surgical intervention.
Go home happy
Go home happy and confident in your Infertility specialist’s ability to ensure that, in due course of time, you will be proud parents of a beautiful baby.
Be aware that at Dr. Neelu’s infertility clinic, you have selected the best IVF center in Punjab for IVF treatment in Punjab.
Happy Parenthood to You!

Article By: Dr. Neelu Thapar

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