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  • When IVF is your Choice…

    By Dr. Neelu Thapar

    Life takes a new turn when we get married. Gone are the days of being pampered by mum and dad and everyone else. Now it’s time to “grow up”, be an adult and start being more responsible than you were as a bachelor or bachelorette.  Read..

  • Fertility and Pregnancy Myths.

    By testtubebabyclinic

    Pregnancy itself is a big challenge and intended parents do everything they can do to attain healthy parenthood. All those who are trying to get pregnant or those who are planning pregnancy in the near future must be aware of certain key points when trying to conceive.  Read..

  • Best IVF Treatment Centre in Mumbai

    By Santati Fertility

    Fertility isn't only a female issue. If you're having trouble falling pregnant, it's important that you both get tested. IVF can offer you a chance of having a baby if you are unable to conceive naturally.  Read..

  • Vitrification & Frozen Embryo Transfer

    By cryotechindia

    There has been a freezing revolution in the IVF lab. Some would say it's a slow revolution, because the technique of vitrification was first described more than 20 years ago, but in the past few years, as demands on embryo freezing have grown throughout the world, more and more IVF clinics are turning to this new fast-freeze technique whose results have been remarkable, to say the least. Vitrification is now the favored freezing method at most of the world's IVF clinics.  Read..

  • Vitrified Embryos Seem To Produce Healthier IVF Babies

    By cryotechindia

    Vitrification-The latest freezing technology improves egg and embryo survival.At last, a breakthrough in freezing technology has improved IVF embryo survival rates and provided new hope for infertile couples.  Read..

  • Importance of IVF Laboratory in Fertility Clinic.

    By Invitrolab

    IVF Lab forms an integral part of the fertility clinic. IVF Lab provides a wide variety of services to the fertility clinic and its patients.In today’s time fertility clinic without an ivf lab is unimaginable.Since the birth of the first in vitro fertilization (IVF) or ‘test tube’ baby in 1978, the field of IVF has been transformed with several technological discoveries and has made the dreams of many infertile couples come true of conceiving their own baby.  Read..

  • Fornax Ivf Spermfuge equipments

    By Invitrolab

    A laboratory centrifuge is a piece of laboratory equipment, driven by a motor, which spins liquid samples at high speed. Laboratory centrifuges work by the sedimentation principle, where the centripetal acceleration is used to separate substances of greater and lesser density.  Read..

  • Ways to Prepare for a Successful ivf procedure

    By Rotunda Ivf

    The infertile couples who aren't able to conceive naturally seek the help of assisted reproduction technology (ART) to conceive and achieve healthy pregnancy and the moments of proud parenting.There are problems of one sort or another that make a natural, unassisted conception beyond the reach. The decision to go for the in vitro fertilization (IVF) treatment is a big one and requires a major commitment for both partners.  Read..

  • Egg Donation and Surrogacy Australia

    By Rotunda tchr

    Since 2002, when the practice was legalized, India has come to be renowned for yet another factor, i.e., "surrogacy tourism".  Read..

  • Surrogacy India Guide that covers the process in India.

    By surrogacymumbai

    Going for surrogacy is a very big decision. It involves lot of ethical, moral, and also financial issues. This is the reason you need to be very careful while taking a step ahead in choosing surrogates. The surrogacy is a very expensive process to.  Read..

  • FAQ on In Vitro Fertilization treatment.

    By Rotunda tchr

    Infertility is termed as failure to conceive after months of trying for pregnancy without the use of any contraceptives. When you are diagnosed with infertility then the first thing you need to find out is the reason behind this infertility. IVF treatment is pursued once other treatments have failed to achieve pregnancy. Starting IVF treatment can be an exciting but nerve wracking experience. IVF treatment is the very first treatment tried when an egg donor is being used, there are severe cases of male infertility or a woman's fallopian tubes are blocked.  Read..

  • IUI,IVF,ICSI and Male Fertility Issues.

    By WeWant ABaby

    From the medical standpoint,a couple is considered to be infertile if there has been no pregnancy after one to one-and-half years of unprotected sexual intercourse.For the fertility process to proceed smoothly,both the man and the woman should be healthy and normal.Normally a woman is always blamed when a couple can't have a child.The investigation for infertility begins and ends with evaluation of the wife alone.This, however,is not true.Approximately 15-20 percent of all cohabiting couples are infertile.In 50 percent of cases it is the male reproductive factor or the husband who is responsible for the infertility.This means that nearly 7.5 to 10 percent of all men in the reproductive age group are infertile i.e. incapable of fathering a child.  Read..

  • Tips for successful gay surrogacy

    By Rotunda Fertility

    Children’s are integral part of any ones family life and today there are many options available for people who got fertility issues, single parents and people who are gay. There is still not much acceptance in many parts of the world for Gay couple and in such situations gay surrogacy seems to be very feasible solution. Surrogacy is an option for gay men who wish to have a biological connection to their child. In a gestational surrogacy arrangement, one or more embryos would be created in an IVF cycle, using donor eggs and the individual or couple’s sperm.  Read..

  • How In Vitro Fertilization Works

    By Rotunda Ivf

    IVF now fastest way to get pregnant,When you get exhausted with all the other ways of trying to get pregnant,then probably IVF is the next step suggested by the infertility specialists.  Read..

  • Mom and mom,Two Dad: Same-sex couple shares parenthood

    By Surrogacy Mumbai

    One of the most important,celebrated journeys in life occurs with parenthood.Infertility is not a new problem experienced only by modern women. Women in all times have had trouble conceiving,and one way in which they were able to start a family was through the assistance of a surrogate mother.  Read..

  • IVF treatment And IVF Workstations

    By Invitrolab

    The IVF Lab Facility is the most critical work area in the entire ART IVF Center. In this area sperm embryos and Oocytes are manipulated openly.  Read..

  • Surrogacy: Surrogacy Clinic for Gay & Straight Couples

    By WeWantAbaby

    Life is about making choices.Making informed choices is what brings you success.In fertility treatment, success is your happiness. Informed choice here leads to your happiness.  Read..

  • Cheaper Overseas: Indian Surrogate Mothers

    By Rotunda Tchr

    There are certain important tips that you will have to take care when you want to find surrogate and go for surrogacy in India or finding affordable surrogates, surrogacy mother, Egg Donor, Surrogacy In India -Surrogacy Steps, Surrogacy FAQ, Surrogacy Costs, Surrogacy laws, Surrogacy Tips, Surrogacy Procedures, Surrogacy Basic FAQs for surrogacy in India.  Read..

  • Increase Your chances to getting pregnant with your personal ovulation Prediction Test Kits

    By Rotunda Tchr

    For most of your life, you've probably tried to avoid getting pregnant. And now, when you’re really trying for a baby, it may be taking a little longer than you'd planned. The whole thing can be pretty nerve-racking.  Read..

  • Indian Egg Donors & Surrogates - Low Cost, Immediate Availability

    By Rotunda Fertility

    Egg donor, egg donation, ovum donor, ovum donation, surrogacy programs-Egg Donor,fertility,in vitro fertilization-Egg Donation and In Vitro Fertilization - Fertility Treatment India  Read..

  • Gestational surrogacy,egg donor,Surrogacy Success Rate India

    By iwannagetpregnant

    Are you looking out for some good and affordable surrogates who can lend you their womb? Well if this is the case then you can think of hunting for some good options on the web. There are some great Surrogacy programs through which you can get cheap surrogacy. In case you willing to go for surrogacy but cannot do that because of the cost then not to worry. There is a great alternative that you can choose for this problem of yours. Today there is reasonable affordable surrogacy available in some parts of the world. You can go there and get affordable surrogates. The best option available with you for the purpose of reasonable surrogacy is India. Here you can easily realise your Dream of "own" baby with surrogacy and that too in a very reasonable price.  Read..

  • How to get Pregnant Faster – Top Ten Tips

    simple tens tips on how to get pregnant Faster...  Read..

  • Obesity and Infertility linked

    By National Fertility Link

    Obesity has also been associated with an increased risk of early pregnancy loss after IVF (In vitro Fertilization), decreased pregnancy rate, decreased fertilization, higher gonadotrophins requirements, as well as an impaired response to gonadotrophins.  Read..

  • Pregnancy: Things to Think About Before You're Pregnant

    Why is being ready for pregnancy so important?
    Conception occurs about 2 weeks before your period is due. That means you may not even know you're pregnant until you're more than 3 weeks pregnant. Yet your baby is most sensitive to harm 2 to 8 weeks after conception. This is when your baby's facial features and organs, such as the heart and kidneys, begin to form. Anything you eat, drink, smoke or are exposed to can affect your baby.  Read..

  • Get Pregnant After 35 (and 40!)

    By Kristen Laine

    Assess the odds, up your chances, and glean advice from a midlife mom
    When I was 35, unmarried but still hoping for children someday, I asked my doctor if I should be concerned about my chances of getting pregnant as I got older. Not at all, he assured me: Women are having children into their 40s nowadays. You have plenty of time, he said.  Read..

  • A Quick Guide On How To Get Pregnant

    By Sarah Mitchell

    Congratulations! So you’ve decided to take the big step into becoming a parent. While it is one of the most important things a person can do in their life, it is also the most challenging and the first challenge is conceiving. Many people assume that once they stop taking contraception they will immediately conceive. Our bodies are slightly more complicated than that and this guide on how to get pregnant will give you tips on the best methods and the timing to get pregnant.  Read..

  • When is the best time to get pregnant?

    The best or most fertile time to get pregnant is the period of ovulation in your menstrual cycle. This is the time when following an LH surge, a mature ovum is released into the uterus from the follicles. This egg or ovum is ready to be fertilized and stays so for about 12 hours after which it starts degenerating. The best way to determine your most fertile time is to pay attention to your body and learn to spot the physical signs of ovulation, and thereby the best time to get pregnant.  Read..

  • Twenty things you should do before you try to get pregnant

    By The BabyCenter editorial staff

    You and your partner have decided to take the plunge into parenthood. But wait just one second — or a month or two at least! To give yourself the best chance for a healthy pregnancy and a healthier baby, there are a few important things you need to do before you head down the road to conception. Our list will help you get your life and body into baby-making shape.  Read..

  • How does baby aspirin help with trying to get pregnant?

    By Sophia Levis

    Aspirin is an over the counter medicine used for pain relief and to reduce fever. Aspirin is also an anticoagulant; that is, it keeps blood from clotting excessively.  Read..

  • Getting pregnant after the pill

    By Dr Gillian Lockwood

    If you've been on the Pill for a while and are worried about conceiving, Dr. Gill Lockwood, medical director at Midland Fertility Services, has some good advice.  Read..

  • Getting Pregnant - How to Improve your Fertility

    By Stephen Todd

    Are you finding it difficult to become pregnant? If so you can do many simple things to improve your chances of conception, the way we live can have a big effect on the reproductive system of both men and women.  Read..

  • What You Need to Know About Tubal Pregnancy

    By Susan Tanner

    What is a tubal pregnancy?
    An ectopic pregnancy, commonly known as a tubal pregnancy, is a pregnancy in which the fertilized egg implants itself somewhere other than the uterus. It is referred to as a tubal pregnancy because 95% of ectopic pregnancies occur when the fertilized egg is unable to travel all the way through the fallopian tube to the uterus, and therefore implants itself in the tube.  Read..

  • A Myth-Proof Guide to Getting Pregnant

    When it comes to getting pregnant, simply having made a baby does not make you an expert. Yet once you and your partner announce that you’re trying to conceive, everyone from your jeweler to your sister-in-law’s cleaning lady will claim to have the secret method your doctor isn’t telling you. While these snippets of advice can be intriguing, and may even appear to have some justifiable basis, some are unfounded, unscientific, unproven and are best left with the old wives themselves.  Read..

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